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U.K. Mom Letter 1 (email)


My daughter (lyme) a junior
national table tennis player was
bedridden for 5 months till March.
By using your protocols she today
won the state equivalent T.T.
Junior Championship. Thank you for
giving us her life back.

U.K. Mom Letter 2 (email)

We are humble folks from a very ordinary background and I write this
story at the request of Brian (SkyKing). We know that there are some
people who are much more ill than we are and in genuine humility if
this helps 1 person just 1% then it will have been worth it.


Stephanie, my daughter contracted Henochschonleinpurpura (an
autoimmune disease) in February 1999 at the age of 11 years.
Featuring a purpuric rash covering the lower half of her body, she
developed serious bleeding and protein leakage in both kidneys, with
creatine ratio levels of up to 300. Other symptoms included juvenile
arthritis and constant vomiting. Hospitalised for several weeks,
Kidney transplant was considered but declined owing to the ongoing
There was gradual improvement over the next 3 years, getting back to
school and starting to play Table Tennis.
In October 2002 she began to show symptoms of Malaise. I had her
tested for food and allergic sensitivities, showing positive for
Aspartame, Monosodium Glutamate, Cochineal and several other
additives and colourings. Stephanie cut these from her diet and
improvement followed over the next 12 months. However, at no stage
over this 4-year period could she ever been described as obtaining
In October 2003 things took a turn for the worse, flu like symptoms
developed quickly, as did joint pains, aching muscles and brain fog.
We had the usual misdiagnosis until February 2004 when diagnosed with
Lyme Disease and treated with 14 days of Doxycycline- 100mg, twice
We had suspected this disease for a few months prior to treatment
having trawled the Internet with the symptoms. The Lyme and Rife
group was intriguing so I read through the Archives learning all I
could with Stephanie's urging. Realising the Doxycycline may be
insufficient. I ordered a MagPulser from Robb and a B3 + Amp from AAA
Productions, later adding the LED Array also from Robb.
She had strong Jarisch Herxheimer reactions to the Doxycycline with
some initial improvement in symptoms during the 1st week. The second
week she deteriorated rapidly. At this stage she could only walk 10
metres maximum without assistance having been bed/ couch ridden for 5
THE MACHINES ARRIVE together 3rd March 04.
Today's date is 7th May 04.
Stephanie is now able to do the physical things expected of a normal
16 year old reasonably fit girl over a 1 hour period. She has
regained control over her lungs, arthritic problems in all joints of
body and her muscles are developing rapidly. The main problem areas
now are neurological involvement/ brain fog and stomach/ intestinal
areas. Although not under control, both areas are showing some
I realise that this is rapid improvement compared to some Lyme
sufferers and I offer the following observations (which both
Stephanie and I agree with) for discussion.
(a)    Obtain the best possible machinery/ aids. SkyKing has a list
of these ( also include the LED Array).

(b) Protocol of usage.

The normal Lyme/ Rife treatments are well documented using Lyme
Frequencies on whole body for as long as possible (killing
bacterium), having Jarisch Herxheimer reaction and repeating
procedure when able. Excellent for the majority. For some of the few
remaining I offer an alternative!

(i)    Using the B3+ Amp, target the lung area using Auto channels
for specific lung diseases i.e. Pneumonia, lung sinus etc. When you
stop getting hits in this area change auto channels. If you start
having Herxheimer reactions whilst running the program- STOP.

(ii)    EXERCISE THE LUNGS immediately following initial treatment by
using deep breathing exercises. Let your body decide the length of
time. Use hot water bottles/ heat treatment on lung area for 2 days
to deter further invasion. If Herxheimer condition relents within
this period use MagPulser and LED Array on same area. Continue
breathing exercises every 2 hours. 

Repeat this treatment every 2+ days (Herxheimer reaction allowing)
alternating morning and night time sessions. 4 hours prior to re-
treatment remove heat from targeted areas. 
If your Herxheimer reaction lasts longer than 2 days cut back on time
using B3+ Amp.

Systematically, you will take back control of the lung area over a
relatively short period of time according to your condition. Having
done this:- 

Amp in auto channel mode for Arthritis Primary and secondary
rheumatoid in both high and low frequency lists. Continue treating
lungs as necessary, exercising lungs at least once every 2 hours
throughout 2 days. Repeat usage on targeted areas with MagPulser and
LED Array, Herxheimer allowing. Apply heat treatment to targeted
areas only. Repeat treatment as of addendum(ii).

(iv) When pain has ceased in Joints; and lungs allow:-
We are fortunate enough to live near soft Sand Dunes. Stephanie
started her exercise program by walking( later running) up and down
these Sand Dunes until breathing strongly. Soft sand and hills have
the benefit of being hard on lungs and gentle on joints.




I realise some of this is controversial, yet, both Stephanie and I
offer this for discussion.

Stephanie's addendum-

                                      Stephanie says, "The Lyme brain
will try and stop you following this procedure. Just keep at it. Hope
you all get well whatever protocol you follow"! 



I have had severe heart problems. My heart was skipping a beat and
was so severe it would keep me up at night. I tried lots of magnesium
and that helped for awhile but too much magnesium caused the
unpleasant laxative effect.
I tried the GB4000 in RF mode. First I tried the specific heart
frequencies but my heart was still a problem. Then I tried the lyme
frequencies. I think it was lyme program number 466 (not sure) that I
ran. As the frequencies were running my heart problem started to
reduce in intensity and then the heart problems stopped.



 JODIE (email)

Dear Bryan,

     I am hoping that you add this story to your webpage. I am a 27 year old neurological lyme patient absent any other manifestations. I began treatment ( found the cause of illness) nine months into being sick. Do NOT get me wrong, I honestly believe that my antibiotic therapy definately got my foot out of the gutter. Within the first month of antibiotic therapy; however, I found out about rife machines. Being short on cash, I ordereed the rife machine. For being a severely impaired and disabled lyme patient, I bounced back very quickly. It never impressed upon me that my rife machine had been the reason I quickly became better, and NOT the antibiotics... until....
     In October my grandmother died. Having this loss was not only heartbreaking, but also left me in the position of having to cook family meals for holidays as only my home is big enough. In order to make room for my family though, I had to rearrange my home for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner. I was feeling so good, I had no problem tearing down my computer and stereo which housed my rife machine. I packed my rife machine away, kept my antibiotics out and went about my business. By the time Thanksgiving came, I was a wreck. My LLMD switched abx on me in a hopes to bring me back to where I was holding steady at. It didn't work. I backslid terribly from Novemver of 2003 until February of 2004.

     In February of 2004, I decided I might as well "kiss it all goodbye". I couldn't think, I had migraines again, vertigo, fatigue, you name it- it was all back.  In an effort to try to "cure myself", I went on a wild hunt for some paper research I had packed away during my home rearranging that dealt with persistent lyme symptoms. In the box I was looking in, I pulled out my itty bitty rife wrist straps. My mind started to reel. Was THAT the reason I felt like crud, because I had packed away my rife never really assuming it had contributed to my success in the first place? People do tend to get a tad bit cocky when they feel better, its their own right. Well, I unfortunately got too cocky and packed away a very important part of my recovery, unbeknownst to me.

     I began using my rife machine again at the end of February 2004. I am now "BACK".  I won't forget the day I pulled it out of the box and me and my friend starred at it blanky and said to each other "you think"? "nah... well maybe..."?

     Well, the nahs are now YEAHS! The missing rife was the reason for the return of a myraid of symptoms. For anyone that dislikes rife, or doesn't believe in it, to each your own. Let alone the people that do use this therapy. There is absolutely nothing a naysayer CAN say that will make me give up my rife. Hey, I WANTED my life back and I
GOT IT.  If you want to do a "rife machine raid" and break into my  home with shotguns pointing, then that MAY make me hand over my rife machine. Until then, I'm handing over nothing- except my wrists, for when I strap on that rife, herx, improve and live yet again.  I kind of enjoy living and if that mean high or hell water, rife or the theory that eating frog urine would help me, then Im DOING IT.

     Rife WORKS, period.  I vaguely understand how, I somewhat understand why, but until the day someone can prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that changing my Qtip brand is what brought me back to life and not the rife, thats just tough and I will continue my rife journey.

     To each his own, I own a rife. Let me alone.


JEFF (email)


Here's my testimonial for your website. If you have any suggestions, please
let me know.


Bryan, its now been more than a year since I met you on the Internet and started rifing. I purchased an Ultimate B3 with Amp and have been rifing ever since and been antibiotic-free since then. When I started rifing, I had been sick with Lyme for 2.5 years. I was treated relatively early, but I was mis-treated for the first 6 months. Then I found a really good LLMD and improved on antibiotics, but I could never go off of them--within three days I would get worse again. Furthermore, the antibiotics were really taking their toll--I was having nasty GERD and Candida problems.


When I first heard about Rife as a treatment for Lyme (or anything in fact) I was quite skeptical, especially since I'm an engineer by training. But after reading your website, and doing my own research, I felt confident enough and I purchased the B3 (without ever trying a rife machine). After using the machine the first time and experiencing a mild herx within an hour, I was really convinced.


After starting to use the B3 regularly, I was off all antibiotics within 14 days. That in itself was a big accomplishment in my mind. I made very steady progress for the next 4 months. Herxing along the way, but never too bad as with the B3 you can regulate the "rife dose" pretty easily. This included old symptoms returning and then disappearing. The most dramatic reactions were the nasty headaches that returned and the bad heart palpitations. The headaches disappeared pretty quickly and the palpitations took about a month to subside. The palpitations were scary as they came on suddenly when I had increased the treatment time to 30 minutes. They slowly subsided and have never returned.


Toward the six month mark, the treatment time was getting pretty long as I worked up to 90 minutes per treatment (every 3 or so days). I started to no longer herx, but almost immediately feel better. Then I started to try to figure out which frequencies were the most effective for me so I could run them more often. So I ended up dropping out some "less effective" frequencies and continued running what I thought was the more effective ones more often. After a couple of months, I was getting worse. When I went back to the "less effective" frequencies, I started to herx again, and after a couple of weeks I was feeling better again. So I experienced the lesson you already knew--frequencies that seem to work, then not seem effective, may again be very effective later, so don't stop using them.


Then I started to experiment with Samento--I wanted to see if something like this would accelerate my improvement. WOW--this stuff was great--for a little while. It essentially made me symptom free. I continued to rife as I increased my Samento doses--up to 20 drops per day twice per day. After a few weeks on Samento I noticed that I was getting very little reaction from the rife machine--almost as though it was not working. Then after 8 weeks, I started feeling much worse and nothing helped, so I went off the Samento. After a few days, I got big reactions from the rife machine. This was exactly what happened when I stopped antibiotics, so the light bulb went off. Samento, just like antibiotics, was forcing the bug into the cyst-like states where the rife machine can't get them.When I stopped taking it, the bugs came out all at once and the rife machine got them, resulting in some pretty good herxes. Overall, the Samento set me back several months. I do recommend Samento for reducing the bug load and clearing the neuro symptoms, but I think it is a really bad idea to use it long-term while rifing. It interferes just like antibiotics. I have tried a couple of Samento pulsing regiments, but so far that is inconclusive. The idea behind pulsing, is to not use the Samento long enough to force the bugs into the cystic state.


Someplace along the way, I apparently got rid of the Candida. I was on Nystatin for 6 months followed by 30 days of Diflucan. Then I started the Samento. I also rifed a few times for Candida. So I'm not exactly sure what did it, but it appears to be gone now.


Now a year later, I'm much better than when I started, but I still have a ways to go. I know that rifing can be a slow process and alleviation can take up to 3 years, but I want to get better faster and I'm not sure if the B3 can take me all the way. So I'm now considering adding one of the bigger machines into my rife collection--maybe a Doug or a Mag Pulser. The Doug is a proven machine, but complex to build and operate. The Pulser is real simple to assemble and use, and is very inexpensive, but still unproven.


Thanks for all your help and ground-breaking research. Without you and Marc, your website, and your Yahoo group, I'm not sure where I would be now.


Thanks again.


††††††††††††††††††††††† Jeff


B.D. (email)


Three years ago after 20+ years of undiagnosed LD I had red blood for urine and BM. My blood vessels were leaking, my guts were leaking, I was dying.

After over a year of up to 6 antibiotics at a time I was much better, but whenever I stopped the antibiotics, my health rapidly declined.

I started experimenting with Rife devices, first the Hulda Clark zapper, then a Beck zapper, then a EMEM, a "Doug coil" and eventually a 4.5 MC vacume tube Rife machine. All seemed to help, the zappers only provided short lived boosts of energy. I finally setteled on the "Doug Coil" being the most effective IMO.

I have been off antibiotics about 18 months and continue to improve. Some problems remain like MCS and allergies (could be heavy metals). Others complain that I have too much energy. I rarely nap, get to work 1/2 hour early, and keep going till after 10 PM. I am actually starting to sleep well.


ROSEMARY (email)

Hi Finchwar,
1. I have had Lyme 25 years, misdiagnosed 22 years.
2. Had 2 years of penicillin, then 2 years minocycline. The doses were
never high enough for Lyme, as I had been told I had CFS, Fibromyalgia etc.
I do not tolerate drugs very well as I have Multiple chemical sensitivities
since getting Lyme.

3. I have been using rife for 11 months.

4. Prior to rife I felt like I was having some sort of mini-seizures for
years. These stopped shortly after starting rife treatments. I was also
using a walking frame a lot. I hardly need it now. I feel my cognitive
functions are better. Numbers used to be more daunting. People are
noticing that I am looking better. I am able to do much more work and
remain verticle for most of the day. Prior to rife I would have to lie down
after doing small jobs. I even managed 6 weeks of voluntary work 3 days per
week. I did use my walking frame sometimes and needed rest breaks.
However, the previous year I only managed a few days of the job.

5. I recently added an Infrared sauna. This has helped my circulation
tremendously. My low blood pressure has gone from 80/50 up to a nearly
normal 110/70. It is good for high BP also as it increases circulation.
I also do the Hallelujah diet. This diet got me out of a wheelchair 4 years
I have just purchased a Mag-Pulser but have not used it, so can't comment.
I believe it will enhance any other Lyme treatment.

6. I bought an Ultimate B3 as it is the easiest machine to programe and use.
My Lyme brain could not cope with the thought of anything more complicated.
The UB3 also has many other good features.

7. Perhaps others can direct you to some websites regarding formal studies
on Rife.
I hope you get the help you need,
Warm regards,



Dear Gang,
I was misdiagnosed as CFS/ME for 22 years and mostly untreated.  I believe I
contracted Lyme sexually from my ex-husband who had a classic bulls-eye rash
when I married him in 1979.  He had this recurring rash since traveling to
Queensland a few years before I got involved with him.
Prior to the marriage I was completely well.
I tested positive for Lyme on PCR testing in 2002.  Four years of
anti-biotics had failed to do much.
I had been having some sort of weird mini-seizures for over 10 years, though
nothing showed up on MRI or CAT scans.  I have muscle wasting in my legs and
find it difficult to walk and to balance.  I sometimes use a wheelchair and
often a walking frame. I have also been having irregular heartbeats for the
last few years.  Out of a list of 69 Lyme symptoms, I have all but 7.  The
neurological ones are the worst.  I am 47 years old and have been totally
disabled at times, unable to even shower myself.
In April 2003 I began using an Ultimate B 3 machine rife-like machine.  I
started slowly, using the Lyme frequencies for 1 minute each, a total of 12
minutes for the first session.  For the next few days I felt like I had a
general anaesthetic.  I could not put words together, or think straight.  I
had cold shivers and just needed to sleep for hours.  Over the next few
months whenever I rifed, I would feel horrible for a few days.  I had panic
attacks and felt like I was going crazy.  Rifing once per week was more than
enough.  However, the mini-seizures stopped within a few weeks.
I persevered and found myself slowly feeling a bit better in between herxes.
Other people noticed I was looking better and doing more.  In October 2003 I
even managed to do some voluntary Christmas work 3 days per week for 6
weeks!  In previous years I had manged only a few days in the whole six
weeks.  I did take my walking frame, but did not use it all the time.  I was
no longer needing to be horizontal for much of the day!
I have been rifing for about 12 months.  I  developed a problem with lack of
saliva and swollen sinuses.  I did not know if rife was causing this or if
it would have happened anyway.  I had a break from rife for 2 months and
used a Mag-Pulser hoping to avoid losing ground.
After about 5 weeks the seizures started coming back, the heart problems
returned and I was having tremendous trouble walking and sitting up again.
I have been cautiously optimistic about Rife and didn't want to say anything
until I was sure.
I am now confident that rife is working for me, albeit slowly.  It is the
ONLY thing that has stopped the seizures and heart problems.  I am not out
of the woods yet, but I have finally turned the corner.
Please feel free to share my progress report and include my e-mail address.
Wishing you all health,



I'm guessing my personal experience with physicians and rife questions may be somewhat unique. Thought you might like to know about (and might be encouraged by) my experience.

I opted to be clinically evaluated by two different LLMDs after I learned some information about what it meant to have gotten a positive western blot result that indicated the presence of 9 of the 10 "CDC approved" bands for IGGs for Lyme. One LLMD I consulted uses only alternative medical approaches for treatment and one treats conventionally but offers complementary herbs and supplements. The second, more conventional doctor encourages interested patients to explore the use of homeopathy and other complementary/supportive healing methods.  

When I asked the more conventional doctor (in person at my initial evaluation) about the effectiveness of using rife-like devices for Lyme, he told me some of his patients had reported using rife and finding it beneficial in the management of Lyme. Though he seemed to be carefully measuring his word choices when it came to his answers to my questions about rife (and understandably so given the current climate), I got the impression that he felt that the use of rife was a positive addition to his patients' healing regimens for Lyme.  

I think I had written and briefly mentioned that to you before. However, here is brand new additional information.

The doctor I chose to manage my healing regimen is the one who uses exclusively alternative approaches. Last week, I emailed a question for him to someone who works with his patients and is a communication liaison, but is not technically his employee. First, I stated that I desired to incorporate the use of a rife-like device into my Lyme treatment regimen. Then I basically asked if she would ask the doctor if he felt there was anything about my current regimen that would make the use of a rife-like machine a bad idea at present. The answer came back via email today that the doctor said the use of rife would be fine as long as I started out slowly and did not expose myself for too long a time or to too many frequencies during a single session. The email went on to explain that too much at once could cause a severe herx.     

I am so encouraged and more than a bit relieved that both physicians had supportive things to say about my desire to use rife. Had they not, I would have remained inclined to try it based on what I've read on the website and on the rife and lyme support group site. However, I have to say that it is a comfort to know that doctors I liked and judged to be genuinely concerned about their patients' welfare gave feedback supportive of the use of rife.  

I will drop you a line now and again to let you know how I progress with rife.

Heather, Little Rock, AR



Q:Has anyone ever used a Beam Ray for Lyme?Any comments appreciated.Kellie.

A:Yes, I've been using the Beam Ray for 12 months to treat lyme. The
first 6 months the herxing was terrible. I was only able to do a
session once a week. After the first 6 months, things slowly started
to improve. A few months ago I started using Babesia and Bart
sessions also and then I really started to see improvement.
It's the best money I ever spent. Far from cured(remission) but I've
made more progress with rife than 4 years of abx.


MIKE (email)

Well it's been close to 9 months of rifing, and I noticed some good
improvement. I use the evice for 50 minutes every 6 days.

My walks are now 2.0 miles everyday, rain or shine. Energy is getting
back to normal, and I am weening myself off of supplements. I have
used questran for about 3 months of this time, and it has really,
really helped in terms of mood and energy. Rifing seems to kill TONS
of bugs, and the toxic builup can really wear you down badly.

I have been using the low frequency auto programs, ad I just started
mixing them up, reversing the order, subtracting some one week and
adding some the next just to mix it up. This has helped alot. I stil
always use the 1476 amd 1477 as those numbers seem to pack a punch.

For supplements im taking vitamin c, ginko biloba, magnesium, b12,
and fish oil caps - with occasional milk thistle. I drink tons of
water everyday as well.

I just got the mag pulser in the mail and im excited to give it a
try. Im sure this will only add to the improvement.

9 months ago I was in serious serious pain with horrible neuro
problems. All of the antibiotics stopped working for me after 4
years. I thought I was going to die. the bad heart beats came back,
horrible confusion, numbness, tingling, jelly knees and legs, bad
pain, you name it.I thought I was done. Then I saw bryans homepage
and ordered a b3 with amp.

It saved my life.

Thanks bryan, thanks to the makers of b3 and thanks to the maker of
the mag pulser. You guys rock!

Thank you all. I hope this improvement continues. Even my chem
sensitivites are reducing or going away.


Hi Bryan,

At your request, here is my story as it pertains to the use of Rife/Bare and emem2. In the summer of 96 I had double hip surgery due either to Lyme or anti-inflammatory meds or both. During the months of recovery I built my first R/B machine and began treating myself. At that time I was on strong antibiotics, anitti-inflammatories, sedatives, and prescription painkillers just to make life liveable. After one month treatment I tried to go off antibiotics first but couldnít due to excessive arthritic type pain. After 2 months of R/B I quit the antibiotics and have never been on them since. Then after about 6 months or so I gradually weaned from most other prescription meds. Still taking a bit of naprosen and non-prescription pain meds. The R/B leveled off at about 50 to 60% recovery. But if I quit R/B my symptoms would start to worsen.

I should also note that between 96 and 98 we also treated family for mono. My wife and daughter had it for several months when I started treating them. They really didnít respond to treatment. However, my son had just gotten it so I treated him right away. He had a fever spike of 103 and then his symptoms disappeared and has been symptom free ever since. I suspect that itís much easier to treat a newly acquired illness than a long standing one.

Anyway in 98 I was not satisfied with progress of Lyme and so built emem2. I used a smaller version of R/B tube (about 22" long) filled with argon. It is a straight tube, and has a copper wrap at one end of it . You put both hands on the tube and feet on a metal pad. So you get both light and some direct electricity. Rather beneficial for its cost. The emem2 brought added improvement to the 75% level or so. You know, itís so hard to guess at percentages. I also built about 4 or 5 emem2ís and sold them to other Lyme people. Two of them claim to be almost cured. I never could get that far. And more recently I seem to be slipping some. All in all, Iím very impressed with this technology. My opinion is that the emem2 is more powerful that R/B. I built emem3 but didnít like it. I just made me feel kind of hard? And didnít take me thru hirx type cycles. So gave up on it.

I also used R/B once when I had shingles. Pain was gone in one week and patches gone in 2 weeks. So the R/B has its uses but I think these other machines are more effective especially for Lyme. Now Iím ready for Doug machine. Hope this helps. I will be glad to answer other questions if I can.




I might as well throw in here.

I turned to Rife when antibiotics became worse than the disease, if you will. I have MCS, and I kept becoming allergic to the drugs. Once, I landed in the ER after only 14 milligrams of Rocephin. I was on a desensitization program. My body hardly tolerates any drugs, or herbs, now. I get intolerable side effects, no effects, or the allergies. One of my doctors joked that my allergy list reads like the PDR!

I took IV doxy, and it did nothing. And I got progressively worse with new neuro symptoms.

I was also very concerned about resistance, super bugs, etc. And resilient yeast infections.

I heard so many wonderful anecdotal reports about Rife. I felt I had nothing to lose. I don't have much money, but I bought my machine on credit, already assembled.

I must say that it works! When I run Lyme frequencies, I Herx with Lyme symptoms. When I run Babesia frequencies, I Herx with Babesia symptoms. I'm changing my diet, too. Anyway, I see small signs of improvement, and I've been sick for about 20 years and with two co-infections. I'm going back to school for nursing this summer.

I watched a video about Dr. Rife, and it was fascinating. I realize that he himself only discovered cures for some diseases. Others came through trial and error after his death.

My husband is an electronics technician. He said it's perfectly safe to use frequencies. Everything has a frequency. Apparently, these frequencies are attuned to the germs.

I can only speak from experience. My life was getting smaller with antibiotics. It's opened up to me again. Steph


STEVEN E. (email)

I have quit antibiotics and my Doctor seems genuinely interested in Rife stuff, but I'm not going pay him 300.00 a visit to tell him that I'm doing ok on Rife and see ya next time, so I cancelled my 3 month visit. I'm not really in a position right now where I really need any help from him, but if I do I can always go back.

Steve E.


I will have to agree with Val. One of the reasons i believe in
Rifing, is the horrendous bone infection i had from a series of 5
root canals in my upper jaw. I never did get an answer when i asked
if the infection jumped roots. I can feel the cavitations now that
they are gone, as i Rife. When i do the Mag pulser, the area
tingles, and the pain goes away. It is hard to reverse bone
infection. I could not get dentists to listen to me, when i had
pain. They knew the mess was there, and wanted me out, as they could
make as much on an "easy" client. My Orthodontist said: Most people
can handle a few germs under a root canal". If you look at the
microscopic pics of the dead tooth, it looks like a sponge, with
little guys swimming around. It was bacteria, looking for the
nearest blood supply.
There are lots of folks however, that do not feel any pain, years
after a root canal.



Hello fellow rifers!

This website is fantastic.. you folks are always making progress and
trying new techniques and expanding the boundaries of our knowledge.
Keep it up!!

Bryan asked me to give here it is:

4/6/2003: Started Rife treatments
5/17/2003: Stopped antibiotics
Now ~ 9 months off antibiotics and progressively getting better
despite a hectic and stressful work schedule.

The Rife Alternative is working for me.
I rife once a week usually during the weekend for about 90 minutes
and take my daily supplements and that is it. I can control my
symptoms very well and am progressively(albiet slowly) getting better.

I have kept my core treatment regime simple and am not doing half the
times that most folks on this website are doing. You folks are the
real pioneers!!

For those who are curious here is my core treatment schedule:

1) First, got my amalgum fillings out and detoxed the heavy metals ..
this helped me alot!! Search on GiGi's posts(Lymenet) for more info.

2). About 60 min weekly using the B3 rife machine ( plus power amp)
running Lyme frequencies plus coinfections frequenices. At first, I
used only the Lyme frequencies and got much better,but then
plateaued. Added coinfection freq and am now continuing to improve. I
run the following frequencies for about 3-5 min each:

432 hertz - Lyme
610-612 hertz - Lyme
2112 hertz - Lyme
6878, 844-847 hertz- bartenella
643 hertz - brucella
6450, 8520, 4340 hertz - toxoplasma
650-661 hertz- babesia
14980-14981 hertz-Erlichia (can't spell)

Note: I don't over rife-but let my body recover between sessions. I
started off 2-3 times/week to control symptoms, now I can go 1-1 1/2
weeks before symptoms start again.

3)15 minutes only using homemade AC EM(Doug) coil:
610-612 hertz for Lyme.

4) Supplements
Mg protocol for neutral pH and stimulate immume against Lyme, see
Marnie's(lymenet) write-up( I herx from this!) These are daily
totals, so I /divide this out during the day into 3-4 dosages
6-10 tab(1250mg each)/day source Naturals magnesium malate with B6
sublingual 1/4 50 mg tab taken with the Mg.

TruNature Coenzyme Q10 50 mg tabs: 4-6 /day taken with the Mg.

Of course I take other supplements, but this is the core regime.

All for now,

Kent, WA



Hi Lyme buddies,

I haven't posted for a while, so forgive me. Bryan, you are doing GREAT posting here and exposing new folks to what rife is doing for us. You are doing a service to the Lyme community, although, based up the above dialog, it is a thankless task.

Why does Bryan do this???
Because it works for many people.

Why doesn't it work for some?

From what I have read of their stories like Kira's...they were rifing too much, and rifing is hard on the system, although it is harder on the bacteria!

In my opinion, if you are rifing everyday or every other day - that is way too much. Move it out to once a week or more

If one is arguing against rife..( My opinion) it means you are not ready for it. It means you are not desperate enough and probably abx are working for you. If that is the case, I am glad for you and I hope you get over Lyme soon.

For most people, it is not until you are an antibiotic failure and give up on antibiotics, do you turn to rife. It is a technique that's saved for last because most of us wanted the abx to work so badly. But for me, after 13 years of being infected and untreated..... abx simply too much to ask. At that point, the spirochetes are too deeply intrenched. So instead of continuing with abx, I turned to rife.

Quite simply, rife works, where nothing else has for me.

Is it totally harmless to the body? No! of course not.

But it appears that the body can adapt quicker than the lyme bacteria. Read Dr. Robert Becker's "The Body Electric". It does not directly address Lyme, but does talk alot about the effect of EMF on the body, both positive & negative effects.

To wrap up, Rife works, where nothing else did for me. 10 months abx free, rifing weekly and feeling great!




All I can say is that Rife is working for me, I am approx one year off abx,
still fighting Lyme but feeling pretty good and can work full time.

A very short history: 1986 infected In Wisconsin, delayed symptoms, didn't
get sick until ~ month later in Denver. Treated for 5 days with abx, the
duck would't even test for Lyme, even though the rest of the crew had
already gotten Lyme, diagnosed and treated in Wisconsin. Fially begged a
lab to test me withour Dr's permission,Finally the lab helped me- Elisa only came back weakly

1987-2000 worsening symptoms, primariily neurologic

2000: really going down hill, felt like this was the end. Dec 2000-flew out
to east coast and was diagnosed. Started abx with Dr. D.

Feb/2003 Plateaued with oral abx for about 1 year (working feeling pretty
good, but not improving. Choice-either IV abx or alternative therapy, chose

Apr/2003 Started rife and weaning off abx. By May 17 abx free. Rifing
weekly to control symptoms. Am working and exercising, but ocasionally have
down days, usually by the end of the week.

I rife once a week usually during the weekend for about 90 minutes and take
my daily supplements and that is it. I can control my symptoms very well and
am progressively(albiet slowly) getting better.

Here is my treatment schedule:

1) First, got most my amalgum fillings out and detoxed the heavy metals ..
this helped me alot!! Search on GiGi's posts(Lymenet) for more info.

2). About 60 min weekly using the B3 rife machine (plus power amp) running
Lyme frequencies plus coinfections frequenices. I used only the Lyme
frequencies at first got much better, then plateaued. Added coinfection freq
and am now continuing to improve. I run the following frequencies for about
3-5 min each:
432 hertz - Lyme
610-612 hertz - Lyme
2112 hertz - Lyme
6878, 844-847 hertz- bartenella
643 hertz - brucella
6450, 8520, 4340 hertz - toxoplasma
650-661 hertz- babesia
14980-14981 hertz-Erlichia (can't spell)

Note: Don't over rife-let your body recover between session. I started off
2-3 times/ week to control symptoms, now I can go 1-1 1/2 weeks before
symptoms start again.

3)15 minutes only using homemade "Doug" coil:
610-612 and 306 hertz for Lyme

4) Supplements
I am taking some supplements that Dick Loyd has recommended, plus some Mg
and Q10. But other than that , I am not taking much.

I am feeling good, but am not there yet, today I am dragging, but had to
work overtime on friday and sat, just got done with I think I
should be tired.

From the experiences of other folks, I am at 1 year now, at 18 months, I
should be able to rife without major herxs and at 24 months, should be able
to cut back to rifing about 4 times a year. (Doug is only rifing only twice
a year...for life), so that is not so bad.



I'm just blown away by the power of the rife. On abx I would feel
like I was dying, never felt "good" after a herx. Today, though I am
tired and just hanging around the house like usual I feel like my
head is clearer than ever and the toothache is barely a whisper.

I think the rife killed a lot of whatever was in my teeth/jaw, which
the abx could never get to.

But I can see that I won't be ready to do another rife for weeks.



BILL & TERRY (email)

Dear Skyking,

Rife Story.

My wife and I have endured chronic lyme for 4.5 years. We have seen the leading LLMD's and tried practically every antibiotic regiment with monor success. Symptoms would morph from neuro nightmares to debilitating pain and body aches. After 17 months on IV Zithromax and 16 for my wife, we are better but not well. She has spent nearly 3 years in bed..and I only able to work part-time.

I am currently completing the Galsser Rulid-Bactrim Protocol that put me in bed with 102 after one pill. I am also trying Benicar..the latest " new" idea....aon day 4, I am exhausted and in pain.   My wife has stopped everything after oral penn kept her house bound.

We both borrowed a Dan Machine and rifed 30 days ago. I experienced the pleasurable, energized experience that SkyKing mentioned. The next day, I got hit with a freight train. It has been 6 weeks, rifing about every seven days and it has been absolutely effective each time..resulting in a true herx reaction.  I turned flush red after the first rife with cold hands and feet..and appeared to have the immune reaction refered to on Skykings site.

After 3 more weeks of Rulid and a 7-10 day rife session, my wife and I are going to use the rife machine as our treatment protocol..and stop the futile use of antibiotics.


Bill & Terry



Trip Ritchieís Successful Battle Against Lyme Disease



†††† My story begins in December of 2000 when I came down with a sinus infection.As I had always done in the past, I visited my nurse practitioner at the family practice and started a short round of antibiotics.The antibiotics did not do any good, and I started a second, longer round of antibiotics.Once again, I wasnít getting any better, so we did a MRI on my sinuses.Plenty of problems up there in the oleí nogginí, so we started a third round of antibiotics, for a full month this time.Well, by February, my sinuses were better, but I was not.So we did the old sleep apnea test against my will, no problem there.I had tubes stuck up my nose, no problems there either.When I sat down with my doctor, all I heard was ďYou are perfectly healthy.ĒďBut Dr. XXXĒ, I said, ďI am not a healthy personĒ,and I went on to describe the numerous symptoms.He told me to get some rest and I would be fine.What a crushing blow.Well anyway, I tried that, but didnít get any better.And during this time, I also did a little research on Lyme disease, and knew that the symptoms fit.Unfortunately, I didnít pursue Lyme disease because of the bad information on the websites I was using.I was led to believe I had to remember an EM rash.If only I knew then what I know now.†† I saw another doctor in the practice who actually listened.He diagnosed me with mononucleosis.At this point, Iím 31 years old, so I could see that being the issue.Six months pass and my health only gets worse.Iím eventually sent to an allergist.Along with this came allergy shots.Now, this did help and I did feel better but I was still sick.Anyway, I stuck these allergy shots out for a year.And as always, my health continued to decline.By this point, I was sleeping about 12 hours per night, taking a nap when I got home, and I was lucky if I could stay awake at all. I was then sent to an infectious disease specialist that only gave me the wonderful ďChronic Fatigue SyndromeĒ answer.What a waste of time.The only reason I was able to go to work during this time is because I was single and had to pay the bills.I work on commission, so I tried to make it in by nine and rarely made it past three.Needless to say, this took a toll on how I was perceived at work and eventually lost a great position that paid me well.But that doesnít matter when you do not have your health as most of you reading this already know.It only helped that I had enough money saved to go through the next year and a half of doctor bills.


†††† The fall of 2002 rolls around, and I start searching for answers because Iím on a downward spiral.I get books on alternative medicine and discover there are clinics who treat people.Off to one I go.I drop about $20,000 in one month at this place.I do begin to feel better and they have given me hope.From there, Iím able to find an alternative medicine doctor in my hometown.We chelated my body of metals and I had my mercury fillings removed.I do believe this did help and Iím glad I did it.One less worry for the future now.We continue to run every test under the sun, and I do everything it takes to get better, including a strict food allergy diet.That diet was tough.We eventually get to the point where all we can figure out is that the Epstein-Bahr virus is the only issue.We start going after that aggressively.Now this is important. Itís December 2003, Iím out of all savings, barely making enough to cover my bills, Iím sick, and the doctor requires payment. I estimate that Iíve spent around $75,000at this point, and run up other debt on credit.Not to mention the fact that this disease was also probably costing me another $100,000 per year in income.


††† This is when a higher power steps in.In February 2004, my doctor says there is a new Lyme disease test on the market (Bowen).He wants to run it just so we can rule Lyme out.Well, you, the readers, know this result.To me, it was a shock and a blessing.I had Lyme disease pretty bad along with babesia.I finally knew I was not crazy (After roughly 7 or 8 doctors).I found and other websites and learned everything I could about Lyme disease.I made an appointment with a Lyme disease specialist in NC and started antibiotic treatment in March.I made quick progress and thought the hell was coming to an end.I had started walking up to 45 minutes per day.I felt great, with no rage, tingling, dizziness, etc.That reality ended quickly unfortunately.In June 2004, I was feeling bad again and the hell was back.I do not know why it just all fell apart so quick, but that is what happens with this disease.In August, I packed up and moved to Charleston, SC from Columbia, SC.I figured I had nothing to lose.I had lost all my business in Columbia because of this disease and I wanted to live at the coast.If I have to re-build my client database, might as well do it from where I want to be.And besides, the lyme disease was going wherever I went anyway.


†††† Magically, I get moved and start feeling better again.I get back to walking daily but was unable to do anything more strenuous that that and still had some symptoms, especially the fatigue.During this time though, I had been researching rife machines.I was cautiously optimistic, but knew I had to try it.The antibiotics were destroying my gut, and I couldnít see taking these pills for what could possibly be years.Skyking was gracious enough to answer emails I sent, and I finally borrowed the money from my loving grandmother to buy a machine in early September 2004.


†††† I want to give you a little more of my past before I continue with the rife story.Before I was sick, I was a very active person.I was 31 years old the year I became sick and in the best shape of my life.I played soccer when I could.I ran around 30 miles per week, usually with some good buddies that I miss terribly, rode my bike 50+ miles per week, swam 3 times per week, lifted weights, and if you couldnít guess, ran the occasional triathlon.That was just for fun with me.So you can imagine how this disease just destroyed my life as I knew it.


††† I have been using my machine for about three weeks now.Today is September 27, 2004.My first treatment was on September 5, 2004 for about 2 minutes and had a full herx reaction.I had to wait a full week to use the maching again, but I did five minutes the second time.I herxed pretty bad again and had to wait five days.After the third session, things started improving very quickly.Iím now up to 25 minutes, can use the machine daily, and Iím not having any major herxes so Iím going to continue to slowly increase the time each day and continue adding new frequencies.I am walking all that I want to.I have run at least a little every day this past week during my walks on the beach.†† Last Friday morning, Sept, 24, after walking 30 minutes, I ran for 15 minutes and felt absolutely fine, just out of shape.While itís a far cry from the shape I used to be in, I feel like I climbed Mt. Everest.††† When I came home from work, I rode my bike for 9 miles.I cannot believe how far this machine has taken me in such a short amount of time.I, of course, am still cautiously optimistic.Weíve all felt better only to have it fall apart.But, I must say, there is something different this time.I feel different, I feel new again.I went by a gym last Friday to get a trial membership so I can start swimming and lifting weights again.I think running is going to be part of my day again for the first time in years.Iím so excited!I think I see a triathlon coming in the spring.I swear, if I cross the finish line of a triathlon again, Iíll have the biggest smile on my face.I promised myself something I will keep to.I promised that if I was ever able to do a triathlon again, I wasnít going to compete in my first one back, I was just going to finish, going to enjoy the race and talking to other people, and that is what Iím going to do!Iíll probably drink a beer afterward too. JI cannot wait to get home after work so I can go run!


†††† I know I have left out many details in my story, but I have a feeling, itís quite similar to yours, so you can fill in any other details Iíve left out.Stay strong, you can recover.J


My yahoo email is if you want to contact me.



To build it yourself:
To buy already built:

Some general notes on effectiveness:



Hi folks.........This morning I got an email from one of my first customers for the mag pulser and they have told me that they are now in full remission from lyme. 

They have told me that they havn't been on antibiotics and virtually no other supplements other than grapefruit seed extract (periodically) and samento.  According to him/her.........all symptoms have been absent now for a little over a month and I know before that they were bed ridden for a period.  You can take this testimonial or leave it......I'm just re-reporting the facts as I have heard them.  They have requested that their identity be protected.  The protocol with the mag pulser they have used has been much different than the protocol I use.  They have been doing some marathon sessions with a modified autopulser that I made for them.  I'll post more info if/when I get it........R.A.


Thanks for the message. Things are going great with
the pulser. After nearly four years of "anbx only"
the recent additon of rife and the pulser has made a
huge difference. I'm feeling awfully good with
minimal periods of herxing that are decreasing in
duration and severity. The rife I have access to is a
BioTech 2000 Plasma tube machine. I do that once a
week now for about a half hour. Every day I do a
minute or two of pulsing. The result is an increase of
mobility in my neck, a feeling of calmness that now
never leaves me, cognitive clarity, and a boost in
energy. It also has my sinuses draining a lot (a
major symptom for me). My eyes regained moisture with
the rife/pulsing and I still feel they are improving.
So I'm, what?, 95% improved? Yes, I have the foil
hooked up and notice a boost in effectiveness. No, I
have not added salt. I have slightly elevated blood
pressure and am reluctant to add much more salt,
though I trust it's an effective treatment and won't
say I would never use it. I have added Olive Leaf
extract this last week and feel that it may be of
significant benefit to me. My doc believes that
erradication of lyme is possible but one needs to hit
the thing from every angle possible, including cyst
busters. So yes, flagyl and tini are in order. I
believe that tini was the most effective for me and I
plan to get on it again soon. It was the first anbx I
found to be of help against my neuro symptoms. I had
some numbness in my fingers from it but, that went
away when I discontinued its use. Now that (as I
believe) my bacteria load is low I want to hit it hard
with the tini (and rife/pulser, bicillin, zithro,
Olive leaf, frequent saunas, weight lifting) and see
if I can't boot it entirely. My doc says you just keep
adding things until it eventually "puts you over." Had
it not been for the rife/pulsing combo I wouldn't be
this hopeful. Thanks for your support. Let me know if
you decide to go with the tini or flagyl or that third
anbc. By the way, is that third one FDA approved and
readily available? Scott


it's been 2 weeks since i started powerpulser (magpulser with flasher
in circuit).
whatever it's doing, my lyme symptoms have been reduced enough that i
am functioning well.
no headaches yet (i was having them every 4 days in recent times) and i
have eaten sugar without having the next day my neck feel like i have a
on it.
maybe coincidence or it may not last, but my condition has improved.
i am only doing 20 seconds once a day.
no herx to speak of -fine by me.




i have a 660 led wand for my rife,and a 660 single led battery
powered unit, neither one helped me like robbs version of the 12 volt


Yesterday I played with  my mugpulser, set up flasher, installed
ignition coil and a spark as the source of RF.
Now, a bit of a background.
For about 3-4 years my thumb joint on my left hand was enlarged and
quite painful. It also was quite protruding and you could see
its distorted shape through the skin.
yesterday evening I went for a walk, and then I realized that something
wasn't right. Looked at my hand - enlargement and distortion were gone!
At first I thought I was hallucinating. Went under the light - not there!
First thing I looked at  when I woke up was my left hand.Enlargement and
distortion are gone - I only can see an outline of it!
I must tell you that I didn't do before and after pictures, but I can
swear for it!
My mugpulser:
1 battery,  250' 10 gage stranded coil 12" dia, turn flasher (no mods),
Ford solenoid, 1 spark plugs synchronous with pulses.
Great appreciation to you all,


When first made my pulser would only go with button clicks due
to solenoid prob. Pending fixing that I did a couple short
sessions with emphasis on my knees which are achy and stiff
due to snowboard and martial arts abuse. Though nothing of it
until had to go quickly from parked car to elsewhere and started
to "run" in my ususal gingerly ouch ouch fashion.

Low and behold, my knees were pain free for first time in a least
5 years! Ran like a scalded dawg for several city blocks just to



Ok..... I have used the mag pulsar 4 times so far.
1st time for 1 minute.....
2nd time a few days later for 2 minutes; the 3rd time as well.
Yesterday I used it again for 2 minutes.

My opinion? (I have the large one, 16" diameter.....start with it over my head and slowly work down to my feet and back up to my a hoola-hoop)

It IS amazing..... I have been rifing since 1998, not consistantly but I DO believe wholeheartedly in rife as well, no doubt. (EMEM3 and EMEM5).

At first I feel like someone woke up the nerves in my body.....little jittery, shaky.
Feel a little light-headed, slight headache... definitely something has been shaken up.
The next day I have felt great. EVERY time. Now you have to remember... I am 98% better.... no outward symptoms.

I also purchased the Ion Cleanse to the tune of $2700 and it is excellent as well. I took pictures of the 2 times I have done it as well as running it just with the reverse osmosis water I use to compare. WOW!!! I would HIGHLY suggest for all to call their local chiropractors, Wellness centers, whomever and ask if they have the Ion Cleanse (or foot bath detoxifier).

Chinese Bitters , Julia Chang's protocol.... for the past 2 months now.

FEELING GREAT!!!!!! (for those that don't know me... I was paralyzed from the neck down May 1999 with an
ALS-like condition. Had EVERY symptom of lyme except testicular pain!!! Wanted to die.... 5 of my 6 kids were chronic and husband was passing out with severe tachycardia, migraines, etc as well. Life was not pretty....)

sue massie, CNHP
732 933-4011


(Osteo Arthritis)
"The results on my dear wife are well worth the cost, time and effortÖIt is a Joy to see her attitude improve as well as her pain diminished as well.. Not gone but a lot better than it has been in a long time. She was damn near addicted to "Vicodin" and she has been able to cut down on them and that pleases the heck out of me.. My prayer is that over the long haul she will stay relatively pain free and improve her health also and get off the drugs as well , and who knows we may see cartilage regeneration as wellÖTime will tell the results."
-- A.K.

(Osteo Arthritis, Cold, Prostate)
"I have used the Mag Pulser with good results to alleviate my wifeís Osteo Arthritis pain and also used it on myself for oncoming head congestion, which went away in an hour. I also pulse the prostate area in conjunction with supplements taken and the BPH symptoms are rapidly going away. Supplementation alone helped a bit, but not like adding the pulser. Will go have a PSA Test retaken to determine where the reading has fallen to from 5.6 This will be in February 2004 This is posted 12 16 2003"
-- A.K.


"As for the effectiveness of the coil, I have spent thousands of dollars on gadgets and gizmos and supplements to try to get rid of this dreaded lyme and nothing has worked. There is something totally different about this device. The stronger I make it, the better it works. I am having the most severe herx symptoms that I have EVER had......this is the first time that I've felt bad enough from die-off to want to stop treatment but that is exactly what I did today........I was pale, and lethargic and in a lot of pain from dead pathogens in my joints and blood........but I spent the whole day smiling because I've NEVER been this successful.

"My wrist coils (because that is one of the first places I want to clear of this disease) are doing their job and both wrists were on fire today from the fact I'm probably over-doing it a little.....but I had no idea it would be so effective......... I am also very excited because of what this could mean and do for some of the rest of you.....Lyme is notorious for being hard to kill......and thisis killing it for sure.........hep-c isn't hard to kill.....but is very hard to reach........this may be the answer!!.........I really feel this is the answer for many of us........This is the FIRST electric device that has been effective for me.......I've never doubted that I would find the answer but I didn't think it would be this.......I have every confidence that steadfast use of this coil will help me kill the beast.

"By the seems that taking something like grapefruit seed extract while you are doing this coil treatment.....they seem to compliment each other very much."
-- R.A.

"Öthe other side effect is a rise in body temperature. This has been constant since I started using it......People with lyme have low body it is a big blessing to have it go back up to normal....98.5 or 6.......right on target.....and it gives me a "warm" feeling inside for the rest of the day afterwards. I'll also add that today the Frankenstein successfully obliterated a bad case of Strep throat. My niece had it.....[diagnosed by her doctor]......and my brother and his wife agreed to try it......she held the big coil to her throat..{wrapped around her neck}......and I gave it about 20 pulses......2 hours later.....NO strep........and she was really bad of those "I can't swallow" cases......its still gone.....she has taken NO meds."
-- R.A.

"I am the [one] in Arizona who has been Rifing for 4 years. My lyme disease at one time was so invasive that it had completely taken my quality of life. I functioned like an Alzheimer patient and had a day and evening nurse until we couldn't afford them anymore and my husband became my primary care taker. Rife-like machines may not be an option for some people, but for me....they saved my life and restored my health to the point that I could live again enjoying my family and my friends. It took two years of Rifing to get to that point. After four years, I am able to do most anything, but I have to watch that I don't "overdo" things and I take good supplements and watch my nutrition carefully.

"A couple of weeks ago I read a post by [R.A.]ÖYesterday I used it for the first timeÖYOU ARE A GENIUS! If you were standing here-- my husband and I would both kiss you!!!! This is the first morning in 12 years that I have been able to get out of bed without hobbling. When I opened my eyes I didn't have the usual heat-like wavey vision that I've had for years. My brain didn't feel like it was suspended by a moving pendulum. All of my aches and pains have improved. I have no idea if this will be long-term, but you have given me a gift this morning and I am receiving it with the same enthusiasm you put forth when you made it. Robb, may God bless you for your generosity in helping so many people. Most lyme patients have prayed for the answer and we just may be getting it. Praise God. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
-- K.V.


(Lyme, Influenza)
"Hi Robb, Just wanted you to know that the pulser is working out fine for me. The nightly headaches have stopped since the pulser arrived. On Christmas evening I got the flu, but used the pulser 3 or 4 times and got rid of it in less than 24 hrs."
-- K.V.


(Lyme, Petís Valley Fever)
"ÖIt takes away any arthritis-like pains. (My mother just ordered one!) I'm so excited about the changes because it means that more people can afford this type of treatment. For folks who could not afford the other machines....this is a blessing. I've been using the pulser on my daughter's dog who has Valley Fever. Buddy hiked up Black Mountain with my husband the other day and made it all the way to the top. He hasn't done that in a year."
-- K.V.

(Sinus infection)
"I used it for my chronic sinus problem and it's clearing up."
-- D.


"I literally have just started with feet/ankle/calve area and just a short session of pulses (he ankle area was an area of acute lyme-related ache in the late summer-fall area). Though that was the area of address, all the other areas of residual lyme effects reacted immediatelyÖthis thing is doing other things for sure."
-- M.F.


{Lyme, Cold)
"My left knee was badly infected and after I starting pulsing 3 weeks ago, it swelled up and got much more painful....anyone with lyme can tell you that when you get a reaction like this, its time to keep on doing whatever you are doing...........since that time, the swelling is gone and most of the pain is too......this knee is nearly clear already......I was infected in both of my is gone......mental clarity is much, much better.....there is still a little nausea which I didn't have until I starting pulsing......telling me that more toxins are being blasted loose....maybe being blasted from my liver.

"...My friend treated his bad head cold last nite with my autopulser......I made him do a full body treatment of pulses.......about 20 minutes later he got much worse as the cold literally broke up while we sat there and witnessed cold."
-- R.A.

"I have been using the pulser for 10 days for Lyme Disease. I have had significant herxheimers with the pulser, as well as some improvement in cognition, motional stability, joint pain, etc. I will post more as information is available, but so far, this appears to be a breakthrough and very promising as "the" answer."
-- B.R.


"I must agree...about early success with Lyme. I have had "lyme rage" and cognitive problems that come and go. Most any treatment I do just barely touches it. The pulser has immediate and profound effect on both cognition and emotional stability for me. Not only does it positively have a kill effect on the microbes, but I also believe it to be therapeutic and healing for the brain. After using it my brain feels "reset" in that lots of the Lyme damage feels gone."
-- B.R.


(Fungal Infection)
"I did a session from toes right up my entire body to top of head and I now have a mild headache which is slowly going away. Now...listen to this...for about 15-years I've had a fungal problem on my right big toe knuckle that I have not had any real success in getting rid of. This damn megamag is making it go away already and I've only started using the megamag yesterday (Friday)! Absolutely AMAZING!!!ÖOne of the GREAT things about this megamag is its portability! Just think of all the remote areas that it can be brought into."
-- O

(Chronic Pain)
"I used it on a friend of mine on his back pain which was caused by a car accident many years a ago he had chronic pain which required him taking pain pills most of the time. I pulsed him the first day for a minute or two and he said the pain initially increased and then it went away in about 30 minutes. He also felt a jolt inside like an electric shock in the area of the pain.

"Then I pulsed him again the next day even though he was still pain free. then he did some exercises that normally would have caused him extreme pain and he did get a little pain from it for a while so I pulsed him again and the pain went away. I have pulsed him about 3 more times after that and the pain has stayed away. It has been almost a month now and he remains pain free. Has not taken the pain killers any more. He emails every few days with an update."
-- V.

"I still haven't had a solenoid failure on any pulser i have made. This includes one that I made for an old man with arthritis in my home town. He called me one day about a week after he started using it...(small coil 12" 250' 12 gauge) he couldn't walk because of arthritis in his knees. He said he was having trouble with his pulser so I went over. He had the activation hooked up to 24 volts and it would stop pulsing after about 15 seconds. I hooked it up correctly and no more
problems after that. I should add that when I went to his house that last time. He walked to the door and let me in. He is VERY happy."
-- R.A.

(Canine Fungus)
"A lady who has one of my pulsers told me the other day that she has been taking the pulser to her sister's house who has a dog that is sick with some sort of fungal infection. She has been spending 300 dollars a month on the meds for this dog!!!! Unbelievable!! For a few weeks now, she has been pulsing this dog daily and reports that the dog is off meds. She is still only using 1 battery."

-- R.A.

(Chronic Lyme)
"Started exactly one week ago (Sat). At exactly the 6-day point, there was a major herxheimer reaction that began in the afternoon (Thursday) that by evening had legs/arms burning, heart palping, head area surging. Following the session that evening, there was much tremoring (nerve) in the upper torso arera but emanating from the spine area, especially centered between the shoulder blades and lower back 6-8" above the tailbone. Sleep was difficult, awakened virtually on the hour throughout the evening with pronounced surges around 2:30AM and at about 5AM.

Was still effected in these areas through going to work the next monring. Notable aspects of weakness in legs and little bit overall. Effects until late morning where they began to dissipate. By late Friday, feeling pretty good. This with a incredibly crazy day at work (working with TV production companies in LA and chaotic deadlines), and going non-stop from 830AM until nearly 6PM - including missing meals until then (whew).

Today (Saturday), feeling really good with great energy and effected areas all quiet."
-- M.F.

{Chronic Lyme}
"Robb contacted me recently about standing on aluminum foil (barefooted) which is connected to the main bat neg terminal. Because I (like Robb) have Lyme Disease, it is quite easy for me to tell how good a treatment "works." I have had consistent and measurable herxheimers with various treatments over the last year, so I am a good "gauge" of what is going on, and how many bugs are getting their teeth kicked in :).

"In this case, doing a treatment with this new modification yielded a very significant increase in treatment effectiveness. I would say the treatment was somewhere in the neighborhood of 200-400% more effective...yes, 2-4 times more effective."
-- B.R.

(Chronic Lyme)
Robb and Bryan have posted about the "grounding technique" with the pulser. I have been trying it too since Robb posted me on it earlier this week and wanted to report some findings:

"I noticed some differences in the previous two days, but last night I did some pretty extensive pulsing with the "grounding" in the wee hours when I was awakened by some somatics (I've done this too with rifing as I feel they are more active and available if I can catch them then).

"Long story short: I was fully expecting to have the residual "hangover" and some stiff areas that has been customary since starting the pulser concertedly a week ago Sat (1/3/04). However, right at this moment - I feel really good! I mean EXCEPTIONALLY good. I mean really "keyed-out" physically and mentally. And, rather than post-tx stiffness or ache, there is a notable reduction over previous days. There is a very "smooth", calmed effect throughout (nerves/muscles). There is actually a much clearer head and vision and very "upbeat" good feeling."
-- M.F.

(Cysts, Toenail Fungus)
"Got the Pulser from Robb ( thanks, man) , starting plusing. At first, not much to report, but with continued use, these are the results:

"1. My #2 son came home from Tokyo wth his wife for holidays. We initially pulsed him for cold, but something "funny happened on the way to the forum." He had about 4 sebaceous cysts that were getting bigger as time went by, so much that he was thinking about going to doc to see what they were. (The reason i diagnosed them as cysts is that my wife has had them for years and actually had some cut out by surgeon, as that is only known way to get rid of them) anyway, after about a few days of pulsing, he tells me that his cysts have decreased in size, at least by half.

"2. I have had bad fungal infection of toenail on left foot for over year or two. My doc was going to give me some oral med to take care of, but I read about side effects and wasn't too interested. Started treating with "Super Strrength Oil of Oregano" North American brand about two months ago (put drops on nail base every day before putting on socks) started pulsing toe after received pulser from Robb and both side of jaws, in addition to rest of body. a week ago woke up with what seemed like inflammation of left jaw, felt bad for about a week. Yesterday I notice weird feeling in sock, took off and low and behold, there was fungal toenail (all of it) am now starting to feel better overall than when i had jaw inflammation a week ago."
-- J.

"I did my second session last night with the mag-pulser. And
exeprienced the enhanced feeling of well being that others have
reported immediately after a session. I actually dozed off in my
recliner after feeling like I was in a meditatvie state. I will say
that I had the most sound sleep last night that I have had in
years. My blood pressure actually dropped this morning to 116/69
from 127/80 which was yesterday's reading before using the pulser.
This is done at the local drug store which may not be the most
accurate but is in line with the doctors office.



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