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Letters and stories from Lyme Disease sufferers using Rife Machines



This is a collection of experiences from people with Lyme Disease who have used rife machines.  This website is not advertising any product or service and you will find no links to for-sale items here.  This information is simply provided as a free resource for people who wish to learn about the experiences of Lyme Disease sufferers using rife machines.


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I haven't posted here in a loooooong time. I had full-on Lyme (didn't discover it until it was systemic, and was completely worthless for about 5 months) and tried acupuncture, high-dose Doxy for 2 months, holistic diets, and other things. Nothing made any meaningful difference.

The one thing that actually got me well -- and I've been symptom free for about 2 years now -- was the Rife machine. At the time, I didn't believe it, because the claims made on the Net were pretty ridiculous. But I built one based on Jim Bare's plans (bought the parts off of Ebay and various other sources) and used it daily for about 2 hours/day. I had a major herx after the 2nd day that lasted for about a week, and I slept about 20 hours a day for the first 10 days or so, but my energy returned, the weird feelings in my legs left, and pretty much all the other symptoms disappeared over a course of about 2 months of use.

I don't know if it will work for you, I can only tell you that my own experience was that the Rife machine was a lifesaver for me.


KAY (email)

Kay’s Story, reproduced with her permission:

Since 1988, I’ve had Lyme disease. Like so many others, it took a long time to be properly diagnosed. I’d been told I had MS, but I never believed that. When we found out it was Lyme disease, we were hopeful that I could rid my body of the infection. In 1997, my health deteriorated drastically. The Lyme had infected my brain severely and I could no longer take care of myself. My husband has been my caretaker and has also researched every treatment imaginable for Lyme disease. He took me for 90 hyperbaric oxygen treatments (which did help, but was not a cure), blood chelation (also helpful, but not the cure), IV antibiotics and antiprotozoans for years (very helpful, but also not the cure). There were many other regimens. I have attempted to eat healthy and take good vitamins and supplements, but I seemed to be fighting a losing battle. Then my husband looked into the Rife-like machines and talked to our sons-in-law (both engineers) and decided that it had real merit. In desperation, he had a machine built and for 17 months I have been using the machine weekly. The quality of my life has improved dramatically. I have horrible herxheimers and they are difficult to endure sometimes, but once the toxins are eliminated I experience a feeling of tremendous improvement. I prayed for the Lord to lead us to a cure and I believe that the machine is it. I wanted to share my story with you in hopes that you will research this for yourself. It has absolutely saved my life when we thought there was little hope for wellness. - Kay




My LLMD [Lyme Literate Medical Doctor] pushed me to check out rife machines.

Doctors have to be careful though, since rife machines are not licenced by the FDA.

I brought it up once, he said buy one…even if you have to put it on a credit card.

So thats what I did....never been happier.





Letter 1

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to add my voice to rife machines. I’ve

been using an emem3d for 4 & ½ months now for lyme disease and I’m

doing 35% better than I was before using it.

That first month was PURE hell, the

second month was hell, the third month sucked but it wasn’t hell,

the forth month I started reading and smiling again.

I seem to be getting better at about 8% per month.

I almost gave up that first month because I didn’t know it took at

least a year to get better and since I only felt a tiny bit better

after a whole month I figured it was another one of those things that

helped a little and that was it.

But I kept going anyway, I had nothing better to do except waste

away in bed.

Thank god I did, I started thinking, if I keep going at

this rate maybe I’ll actually get cured. But I also kept thinking

I’ll probablly get to a certain point and then stop improving.

AND THEN I read the website about how it takes at least a year to

get better and that filled me with alot of hope.

I have my mother and boyfriend who both have lyme disease doing

the machine now for a month and they both say they feel a tiny bit

better that they did before using the machine.

At this point I’m doing the machine every other day 2 to 3 hours

a day.

Sometimes I get a heavy herx and sometimes nothing much.

Some days I’ll use certain frequencies that don’t do a thing, but

then I try the same ones next week and get a major reaction so I make

sure I try the same freq over and over.

Most of the frequencies I get heavy hits on always seem

to be one off of the ones everyone says is good for lyme.

Also I don’t get the same symptoms every week. They seem to


Some of my fears were that I was frying my brain or making

my lyme worse, but I absolutly don’t belive that anymore.

I am improving....SLOWLY...but definitly improving.

I’m thinking about getting the ultimate 3b to use with the emem3d,

I’m hoping maybe I’ll get better quicker. That is, if the FDA didn’t

get to it first.

I’ll write again in a month or two to let you know if I’m

still improving.

Best to everyone,


Letter 2

I was on two months of IV antibiotics before doing the

rife and as soon as they pulled it I was right back to pure misery.

Since I started using the rife I stopped all antibiotics.

I haven’t needed them since, thank god.

I tried borrelogen (a herbal supplement for lyme) and ledum (some

vets were using it for dogs with lyme) neither one really did

anything for me. I wouldn’t waste anymore money on them.

The only two things that I saw immediate and definite results was

liquid oxygen (gave me energy) and SAM-E (made me feel mentally


Oh yea, exercise, When I don’t exercise I feel alot

worse mentally and physically.

Hope this helps,





Ernie has been fighting Lyme for a long time. He did ICHT in Italy with only some benefit. I received this letter from him today (June 25, 2003). Hopefully we’ll receive more updates as he progresses. You may know him as "efsd25" from LymeNet.

Hi fellow lymies and especially Skyking,

Just want to give you an update. Rife to the rescue! Going on 6 weeks with no abx-after 2.4 years on antibiotics - also incredible!!!!! Am

jogging again- life is great!!!!!!

Am using the B3/amp and a Air coil (Doug-type). This is really a proven combination. I am experimenting with frequencies on the B3, then for those that work (essentially using SkyKing’s/Doug’s List), I blast them with the air coil.

Finally got my MX3000a power amp working. I had bought the power amp used and the input card(module) had been damaged from the previous owner. So I just ordered a new one from QSC (<$60.00), installed it and now I can get 15 amps thru the coil with no effort even in mono (unbridged mode) with the power no more than 1/3 turned up. It is incredible!!!!!!

SkyKing-Thanks for your help earlier on and for your fantastic web site.

Take care,


Kent, WA




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I have been amazed by the success stories I’ve heard about rife machines. I met with a group near my home which has been using a plasma rife machine machine, and they say it is the only thing that helped them. Needless to say it got me quite excited. The thought of having a clear mind and strength to go out and do what I used to seemed pretty good.


I met with my LLMD yesterday (actually an LLDO) and he asked how my antibiotic treatment was going. I told him the same thing.... some bad days and some really bad days…you know the routine. Then I brought up frequency therapy and told him my brief story about meeting with people who had great luck with it, as well as my own limited experiences with it.


As soon as I mentioned “frequency” he pulled out a pad of paper and jotted down the website address of the Lyme-and-rife Yahoo! group, and told me the name of the machine to get (Coil-Machine).  He also talked about some remedies I would need for the severe herx reactions I was going to have. He then told me about a patient of his who is an electrical engineer and has had lyme for about a year. She researched frequency therapy and found that the Coil-Machine was the best way to go. She has had great success in the few months she has used it.


My doctor seemed pretty excited that I brought it up and had info ready for me when I did. From what I gathered he cannot bring up the subject because it is not FDA approved. This seems somewhat perverse to me, that there is an effective treatment out there and doctors cannot mention it to their patients because of legal reasons. He seemed pretty frustrated with the system. In the meantime, people suffering from Lyme Disease are left to research their own means of a cure.






LOU ELLEN (email)

I have been lurking since I joined this group the middle of August. I have read several messages asking for people's stories of success with Rife. To start my story, I will tell you I started treatment for Lyme in 1992. From 1992 to 1998, I was on oral antibiotics and each year IV antibiotics at least once a year. I used IV hydrogen peroxide, hyperbaric Oxygen treatments, IV vitamin C, acupuncture, and every supplement known to man but not all ot the same time. I tried Collidal silver and herxed from it but I could not get a dose I could tolerate and since I was nervous about side effects I stopped using it.

In 1997 and 1998 I did many Hyperbaric oxygen treatments with significant improvements. In the fall of 1998, I relapsed to the point of needing IV antibiotics again and became depressed and mad that the cycle was continuing. A friend had told me about Rife but it sounded too fantastic so I had blown him off. I was so mad I called him and asked him if he was still improving with Rife. He was using a Rife-Bare machine and said he was improving. He had an eye on the EMEM2 machine. He got the plans and built one with no tinkering to the original plans. He used it for two months and felt it helped him even more than the Rife-Bare machine. He built a machine for me.

In December 1998, I did my first set four frequencies for 3 min. each. I had such a hard Herx the next week, I thought I was going to die. Neither of us knew too many people who used Rife so we were kind of experimenting on our own. I had never had a Herx that bad, not ever with IV's. I waited a month and tried it again but only for 30 sec. per frequency. I soon learned I could control the Herxes by how much time I used and every two weeks seemed to work best for me. It should be noted that I was receiving IV antibiotics at that time and IV Vitamin C (50 grams once or twice a week. I had to stop IV antibiotics the end of January 1999 due to insurance refusing to pay and went on oral antibiotics. In February 1999, I started acupuncture to improve my immune system. In March my LLMD cut my antibiotics in half as my white blood count would drop after using Rife. But in a few days it would come back up. He was nervous about Rife and said stop rife or cut antibiotics. In May, I felt well enough to stop all antibiotics. I continued IV Vitamin C and accupuncture. Both of these therapies gave me relief from any Lyme symptoms I was having. I tried Flagyl in the fall of 1999 to please my LLMD. I can't remember when but at some point I was reading alot about the need to increase the time on each frequency to 10 minutes and this elimanated Herxes. I had another friend who was using the same machine and he quickly went to 20 - 30 minutes per frequency doing 4 frequencies over 2 days. I thought he was going to kill himself but he improved with leaps and bounds. I finally tried going up to 10 min. per frequency and after rifing felt great, no more Herxs just a big jump in energy. I went up to 20 min. per frequency and tried to limit my time to 1 hour total in a day as that made me feel the best. I fired my LLMD in 2000 which pleased him. I gradually needed rife less and went to every 6 weeks and every 2 months and now every 6 months just in case.

This year I have had a resurgence of Candida due to poor diet and too much sugar. The symptoms of Candida can be very much like Lyme so I rifed but saw no Herxes or benifits. I have not found any frequencies for Candida that work for me.

Does anyone have frequencies they can suggest?

I saw my LLMD and he agreed he felt it was Candida not Lyme. So he gave me the usually meds and a lecture on Diet. I saw my LLMD as the average physician does not believe in aggressively treating Candida anymore than they do Lyme. My LLMD also suggested Questran to get rid of toxins that might be adding to the Candida load. But, even with the Candida problems, it has not significantly affected my lifestyle as Lyme did. I stopped IV Vitamin C in 1999 but continue to receive acupuncture on a regular basis. My Chiropactor does Acupuncture.

I hope this helps others. I have seen that the EMEM has gone up to EMEM5 but I would never give up my EMEM2 as it has saved my life. I have been cautious with the length and time I used the machine just in case there are long term affects but at this time I have not noted any long term affects.

My EMEM2 was built for me at cost which was $330.00. I have not tried all of the CAFL frequencies, I had felt so well in the last couple of year I had not even explored new frequencies. I have recently looked at them and wanted to wait until meds and diet kicked in before trying the frequencies so I can tell if the frequencies are working. Also I am a Special Education Teacher and wanted to get settled back into school routine before starting the frequencies. I plan to start using the frequencies in the next week. If you have any suggestions on which ones to use I will give them a try. Thanks.


Dear Bryan,

Thank you for getting this group going. Just a quick note saying

that 2 years ago my son was beginning the 3rd year of struggle with

Lyme. After oral and IV abx and HBO, he still had all symptoms of

Lyme. At that point we began to use a Rife light and after 3 months

his neuro symptoms such as brain fog, dizziness, and sensitivity to

light all but disappeared. His Lyme doc was amazed.

At this time, he is doing fairly well, although he still has fatigue

and muscle pain. He also tested positive for Lyme on a PCR in

August, 02. I am hoping with the input from others on this board I

can find more frequencies that will shut down the Lyme 100%.

Good luck to everyone!



I've never felt that there was any danger in doing rife. All I do know is that I have made more progress in the last 7 months of rifing (no abx) than I had made in almost 4 years of abx. It took at least 5 months to see any improvement with rife. In fact the herxes were horrible.Along with rife, I'm also doing a wide variety of great supplements that have done wonders for my immune system. Detoxing and removing dead crap is also key.

Three weeks ago I did a 7 day cleanse with 5 colonics. Prior, my liver, spleen and gall bladder felt like it was being used as a punching bag. The detoxing(hell) was unbelievable. But on the other side, I'm doing much better.

I will win this war!!!! For me rife was the best decision.





Hi Jill,

It's good to hear from you. Yes, I can say after 5 months of using this rife machine that its the only thing that has helped me. My heart is almost back to normal! I only got worse in Georgia unfortuneatly. The rife has frequencies not only for Lyme, but for other diseases as well including ALS. It's basically for anything to kill a pathogen. I built my own which is the most powerful and I'd say you're looking at about $700 for everything. Pre-built ones that are less powerful are about $1500-$2000.

Here is a site that has alot of info about Rife for Lyme and about the different machines:

I'm so happy, this is working for me. I feel just about normal and I've only been doing it for a little less than 6 months! Just keep at it.

This is what I've found to be very helpful:

Do 3-4 frequencies one session every 2 weeks. After you completed 3 sessions switch to 3-4 frequencies and keep doing that every 3 sessions. Also try to sweat everyday to get out the toxins (very important) If you can exercise this is best.

This works Jill. It's working for me when everything else failed. The only thing is it's not a quick fix, it takes about 1-2 years generally to completely kill it all off. But keep in mind that you're getting better and better through out the process. I really hope you can try this. Please email me with any questions you might have about how it works or how to build this.

Lots of Love,



ERIC (email)


I just wanted to give an update about my pulsing progress. I have
been only pulsing for about 2.5 weeks and have noticed my symptoms
lessening each day. I have had some rough herxing days, but
tolerable. I stopped abx about 3 weeks ago (never noticed much of a
difference in symptoms while taking antibiotics).  I felt so good
today that I went out for a jog, which I haven't done since getting
sick. My head feels clearer then it has in long time. Still have a
way to go, but I like the progress I am making. I finally have hope
that I will get back my life as I once knew it.

The pulsar and  good supplementation has made a huge difference in
the direction of my lyme disease. I want to thank Robb, Bryan and
everyone in this room who has shared their valuable knowledge and
experience. I hope that I continue to progress at this rate, but
even if I don't I know eventually I will get to where I want to be.

I don't have much experience or knowledge about this disease, but
what ever I have gathered I will be more then happy to share with
anyone who inquires.

Thanks again.





A year ago I was diagnosed with Lyme using Igenex PCR with

antibiotic prequel and other confirming tests. I had been ill for 20

years, and unable to work for 15. I am a 61 year old woman. I ran

2 miles every other day and cut across a golf course where the

deer lived. I had a rash on my leg, but it was not bulls-eye, and

20 years ago, no one thought Lyme. I lived with CFS diagnosis,

had heart problems, severe depression and a mild stroke. My

immune system totally crashed and I lived as a hermit for about

7 years to avoid others illnesses.

A year ago to today, I started oral abx, bicillin for another

condition and immediately began to have terrible herx. I later did

90 days of IV Rocephen with a Groshong heart cath., then

switched to Bicillin, IM 1.2 million units, 3X week. Crashed and

started over. Worked up to 3X week which continues. I also use

B-12 as Methylcobalamin 25mg/ml, 1/2 cc day instead of Flagyl

which opens cysts too fast for my system to handle and causes


Last July, I added a low-frequency Rife Machine and began

using CAFL and 2 other Frequency sets. I herxed badly for 2

months, then began to feel better, much better. Since October, I

am up every day and beginning to practice my profession again

after these many moons.

My mind is back and I am able to think clearly and creatively

again. I am still numbers challenged unless input visually, then I

can deal with them just fine, just can't do calculations in my


One thing I do is take notice of replication and double up Rife

and Abx during the day before, day of and day after. I have no

doubt that frequency medicine accelerated my recovery


Thanks to all on the list who post. I don't have time anymore but

do try to read occasionally and catch up.


PASCAL (email)

hi, i'm new to this group, i'm dutch, male, 36 years old and life in

berlin, germany.

i pulled a tick of my leg in july 2002... 5 weeks later pure hell

entered my life... i know this sounds unreal, but i got my theory to


the tick visuably caught a major blood-vessel on th inside of my

lower leg... and the bacteria had no problem to spread around

and repeoduce from the first minute on... so i accumulated a

huge load borrelia untill the day i started to feel wrong, about 5

weeks later... a doctor prescribed doxy and as soon i took it, i

arrived in a super-toxic-die-off-state for months and months.... no

sleep at all... one continious big panick attack with no end to it,

call it heavy depressions, emotional mega-stress or just hell...

physicly i had minor aches in tendons, joints, muscles,,eyes, etc.

nothing to freak out about... far not bad enough to take

pain-killers... lucky me . but the major stress in those months

were the bio-chemics on my mental-emotional state...

no doubt i studied the heck out of lyme.. everything available in

german and english and dutch... worldwide.

... saw plenty of doctors, healers, homeopaths, considered icht,


had several bloodtests done and they were lyme-positiv.

had several weeks of doxy, several weeks of rocephin IV and half

a million other things... nothing helped.

8 months into this unbearable life i found a doc in switzerland,

who claims to have cured people with lyme by the help of a

frequency generator.

i allready had found some info on the topic months earlier,

studied "the cure for all diseases" by Hulda Clark, had bought a

zapper... got no effect from it, allthough the principle of this

technic seemed absolutely genious to me.

a week later i was on the way to switzerland... to do that i had to

use all my willpower and strength, i arrived in switzerland,

allthogh i thought i would never make it.

the doc diagnosed lyme with a resonance-tester, german make..

check out

and he treated me with his lyme frequencies for 30 minutes. he

told me to drink lots of water and to expect to get tired soon...

how beautiful after 8 months of hardly any sleep.

i went back to my hotel and drank and slept ! the next morning he

tested again and couldn't find lyme anymore... he told me that he

expects me to be fine in 3-4 months....

on my way home i felt incredibly well, full of joy and power, even

scared to be over-enthusiastic....great...this lasted for 1 1/2 half

days and then it hit me hard again...

i stayed in touch with my swiss-doc and went back 2 months

later, he tested me again- no lyme. according to him, one

treatment often is sufficiant, especially when one had not used

any antibiotics to fight lyme... mainly with people, who didn't know

what they had until he diagnosed lyme and treated them

succesfully... maybe true maybe not.

i went home and bought the exact same machine and started to

treat myself...i didn't want to trust the one-treatment idea for


i stopped researching (exactly when brians webpage came up,

haha) and used the frequencies from my swiss doc once a


380 kHZ (borrelia burgdorferi) and 382 and 387.5 for the other

two species we have in europe (garinii and afzellii).

380 kiloHz is also what Hulda Clark found to be a lyme

frequency. the other two frex my swiss-doc found out by himself

using the generator and the vegatester together to see the

resonace in patients.

i had to make my own foot-plate to get the frex all the way through

my body, my swiss doc only uses hand-contacts...

see, he isn't a lyme-doc, but a good guy, and i don't doubt that in

some cases he had succes just as he says...

i had rocephin and so i have the mutated forms of lyme that

might not get killed by the frex untill they come out of the cysts

again later.

the first 3-4 months after the innitial treatment in switzerland i

couldn't see a bit of improvement, except that the first 2-3 weeks

were tougher than the further weeks.

month 4-5 were up and down, 7-10 days of having the feeling

that i'm on top of the disease and then back the other way

around. this lasted for two months. the bad periods getting

weaker and shorter, the good periods better and longer.

after this i 've been feeling well for the last2-3 months, still

improving. i still have symptomes, but don't feel sick anymore, i

can do things and feel alive. from the outside i'm 100% ok. BUT:

i believe that 98% of the lyme-load i had is erradicated and i can

only agree with brians opinion that contact devices do not have

the ability to spread the freq evenly through all tissues of your

body and so i experience ongoing (mild) problems with joints

and tendons... no more- no less.

now, i'm at the point of building a coil device to wipe out the

remaining borreliae that couldn't be reached by my generator (it's

called hCL1000, dutch make, similar to a B4 without amp)

i'm very happy about the improvement i've experienced so far, i

don't have to suffer anymore, but i think there's some lyme left

that needs a coil and it's penetrating field to be wiped out.

i have about 10 lyme-friends here in germany , who are

somewhere on the way with their generators or come to my

house to use mine...most people don't speak english well

enough, to study brians site....

there is definately a way to resonate the bugs to death.

and besides a million things that all might help to bear the

disease, frequency devices elliminate the cause!

this is my opinion, based on my experience with 380 KHz.

i wonder if any of you guys have tried 380KHz with a coil or B4 !?!

i'm not an expert on electronics, but i have people who can help

me with making my coil device. i would appreciate it if someone

could design a proper schematic layout, besides all the written

and drawn explanations, how to build the coil device.

.. according to my experience in 8 months of using my

contact-device, i believe now that a strong electro-magnetic field

is needed to reach all of your body.

by the time i'll be free of lyme and it's symptomes i wanna ask

brian for permission to translate his info-page into dutch and

german... so the thousands of sufferers over here can also

benefit from this beautiful technology.

i wish you all a lot of patience and strength. i'll keep you posted

about my progress.

if you want to find out about the craft i developed in the last 15

years, check out

besides this craft i produce and play music, when i'm not sick.

good luck,



Letter 1

I have used an ENERGY WELLNESS MACHINE (USES PADS, NOT TUBES) for 1 year now and am doing well..i take abx only part time (two weeks a month) and am working on a rife and herbal protocol to get me off abx completely. I was positive for lyme (regular and cyst) babesia, and two strains of bartonella...i now only have lyme and feel normal 80-90% of the time.. I have used both pad and tube rife machines and think both work..tubes better for lyme, and pads are better for lymph drainage and detox...Detoxing you body it the key..toxin build up is what makes you feel bad..water, water , water, raw veggies , and colonics are what i use to get the stuff out..also run detox numbers on the rife machine...I spent $2,500 dollars on mine and feel like it was worth every penny...I would try one before you buy it though...I found after two treatments it was going to be thing that would turn me around...You have to go SLOW and go easy at first because the herxes are nightmares..If you do to much to soon you can really damage the liver...e.mail me for more info...greg

Letter 2


I hope this helps you with the book. E mail me for questions or comments. Feel free to grammer and spell check...

My nightmare with lyme disease began about two years prior to my diagnosis in June of 2001. Like many lyme patients I went through a number of doctors, diagnosis, and symptoms before finally diagnosing myself and finding a LLMD. I remember the warm june night in 2001 when i was surfing the net and wound up on read post after post from lyme patients, describing many of the odd, often random symptoms, I had been experiencing for the last 2 or so years. The headaches, the stiff neck, chronic sinus infections, heart palpitations, nausea, sweats, chills, joint pain and depresion. I thought to myself "crap, this is it"

Through I found a LLMD in the D.C. area and was lucky enough to get an appointment in two weeks. My first visit was a weight off my shoulders..I would be getting help. My first blood tests came back and by LLMD brought me back in and sat me down for the "this is going to be a long road " talk...He explained how it could take months just to find out if the antibiotic cocktail he was putting me on was going to work..He explained the ins and outs of the herx and what to expect. Then he showed me my lab results and told me that I had more positive bands on my IgG and IgM western blot than just about anyone he had seen..( I had 8 on IgG and 6 on only takes 5/2 for the cdc to concider you positive for lyme..) He told me that he was also concerned that I may be coinfected with Babesia, based on some of my symptoms, but wanted to put me on Doxy and Amoxicillian for a while to see if it would relieve some of my headaches caused by brain swelling..

In the first few months I saw a relief of symptoms, between some fairly severe herxes. My vision was blurry all the time , I was sore all over, depressed, and nauseated..I was really toxic almost all the time.Then at the fourth month I crashed again the fatigue returned and I felt alot more Lyme and alot less Herx. I went back in and my blood test showed equivocal for babesia and two strains of bartonella (Henslae and Quintana). The war was on and I was getting my ass kicked. I started what would be a 8 month round of Mepron and Zithromax. I started to see some much needed progress, but was looking for something to help me "turn the corner"

My LLMD told me to go get colonic therapy to keep the toxins out of my body and introduced me to some non traditional web sites to aid my effort.. Around the same time I had been reading posts on Lymenet about Rife technology.. I went on an emailing frenzy, and learned as much as I could. Rife seemed like it was worth a try. My LLMD was really into the eastern medicine and very open minded, about alternative stuff. I felt lucky because I know alot of MD’s are not..He did’nt even flinch when I told him about rife. He thought there was some merit to it and told me to let him know how it went.

I found a wellness clinic in Sarasota Florida That had a Bio Ray machine. It is a $6,000 unit that runs off a software program. It sweeps, pulses and does everything you want a rife machine to do.. It runs a tube. In March of 2002 I went down for a week of treatments. I was warned to go easy on the first few treatments. I was sceptical it would even work. I had read enough about lyme by this point that I felt like it was nearly indistructable. I went for the gusto and ran the 65 min program that was pre programed into the unit..I knew from the second miniut of the first frequency that this thing was the real deal..Later that night I would realize I made a HUGE mistake. The die off was other worldly , I was having muscle spasms, convulsions , nausea, eye floaters, heart palpitations and all of my other lyme symptoms..I didnt sleep that night. I honestly thought I might die. I knew I had gone overboard. I e-mailed one of my rife contacts and told him what was happening.. He said "gallons of water" and go easy, or you will trash your liver. The next day I ran an organic coffee enema, something I had started doing months before to rid myself of toxins..I started to feel "better" about the time I went in for my 2nd treatment....Two days later.... I knew i was still toxic, so I went alot easier. I programed a shorter program (22 min.) into the computer and mixed it with some detox frequencies. I also ran some numbers for babesia. The Herx from the second session did not wait for 5 hours, like the first one did.. It started on my ride back to Tampa...I will warn you now, dont drive after your first twenty or so sessions, you have no buisness being behind the wheel, thank God my mom was driving. I got home and slept for four hours. Woke up in the most confused, foggy state I had ever been in.. I literally could not speak in full sentences. I started drinking more water, I was going to the bathroom every 15 min. No joke. The next day I felt the best I had felt in months. I continued to detox that day, another organic coffee enema, and herbal teas, gallons of water. I knew then, that after two sessions, that this was the thing that would make me better. I did two more sessions that week . The last session I ran the 65 min. program again and held on for the ride. I knew I was killing spirochetes. This herx was worse than the first, probably due to the fact that I was so toxic. I also noticed that I was herxing well into the next day. I could feel the sharp pinpoint pains as the spirochetes were dieing in my brain, spinal column, and deep muscles. I felt like a few things were going on. First I think some numbers dont really kill the lyme, maybe just stun them , later your killer cells catch up and get them. That is why you get the "day after" herxes. Or , there is some sort of "unlocking" mechanism going on. They are getting scared out of deep tissue or perhaps being "converted" to standard form from the cyst or granule forms. I was getting die off where I had not gotten die off with the antibiotics. It made me realize there was not a square inch on my body that the lyme was not living. I knew , even with rife, it was going to be a long fight. I realized antibiotics were not going to work...Anyone who tells me that thier antibiotics are working. I tell them to rife. They will soon see the difference. The frequencies get to places the abx opinion.

I went back to my home in Frederick Md. and spent the next two weeks ridding myself of toxins. Some of the ways you can tell you are really toxic... If you have headaches, nausea and depression that fade in and out on a min. to min. basis. This is the toxified blood circulating through your liver, brain and other organs..Being this toxic is not good and you should do everything you can to avoid this. It can and will damage organs.. I myself was worried about this until after the second week I started feeling better. It was not until I went for my second round of treatments the next month that I felt good.. I was feeling the best I had felt in two years the three or four days before I started my treatments. I knew I was about to end that spell though and was almost afraid to do rife again.

I agree with Bryan, that if you are not ready to suffer through the herxes you wont get better. I also feel like the first session should not make you afraid of the second..I will contradict myself by saying that a strong first few sessions seemed to "nuke" the spirochetes. Like anything else I believe lyme can get used to rife. If you can surprise it with new freqs. and longer run times i think it helps. The other side ot that coin is the toxicity issue. You Have To Kow Your Body. Be careful. I DO NOT recomend long run times like I did. The only reason I tell you about it is that I hope it will convince you to be careful. Even if you run one fourth of my first few sessions i would say you will herx far harder than you ever did on abx. Remember I was on massive amounts of antibiotics for 9 months before i started using the rife machine.. I would almost recomend letting the abx work the bacteria load down before you start rifing, but rife works so well, and abx are so hard on your gut, that I cant recomend getting off of them fast enough..Again only you know when the time is right. One thing about lyme, it teaches you to pay attention to your body. If you feel like you dont have a handle on what is going on with your body while on abx, I suggest you be extra careful with the first few rife sessions.

My second round of treatments were in April of 2002. This time I was more cautious. The first three sessions , I ran a 12 min babesia sequence, and my 22 min. lyme sequence, that is only 16 min of lyme and 6 min. of detox. I ran one min pulse and 1min. sweep for all freqs. This time the herxes were more tollerable and i was able to run or ride my bike the evening of my treatments. I went every other day..The fourth treatment I ran numbers that I thought would be good for bartonella. Since I could not find specific bartonella freqs. I looked up trench mouth, foot and mouth, and other general infection numbers. All of my numbers are listed below. I believe the numbers i used for killing bartonella are effective because I was never on the correct abx protocall to get rid of it, and now i test negative for both strains.The numbers also produced herx reactions, they were run seperate of lyme freqs. Of course the last session found me running the 65 min. lyme sequence...I wasnt sure when I was going to be able to get back to Florida for treatments so I was "craming". I was surprised to find out that the herx was maybe a third of what it was the first time. I found this very encouraging. I took a week to detox, and knew I was on the right road. My stiff popping neck was gone, the tight feeling in my chest was gone, brain fog was gone as was my difficulty putting words together.

A month later my tax return came in and I spent it on rife treatments, This time I played with new numbers and longer run times on the numbers that were working for me. I felt like I was learning to use the machine, rather than just running a bunch of numbers.. I used alot of the numbers off of the Silva list, plus some numbers from other people playing with rife. It was like i started over again..New numbers new herx. I cant recomend trying as many of the numbers for lyme as you can find. Even numbers that are close are worth a shot. After my May session I decided to look into getting my own unit. It was getting old going to Fl. every month, and i thought it would be more effective to have my own machine. I knew that it was going to take a while, even with rife and antibiotics.

My research began and I looked at alot of different units. I ended up with a unit that uses hand held cylinders, and foot pads. It is made by Energy Wellness. I knew it would not be the six thousand dollar unit i had been spoiled by, but this unit was programable. Meaning i could input a string of frequencies, hit run, and sit back and kill bugs.It is so nice to be able to run a freq and it automatically go to the next. I really does reduce the session time. You can sit back watch hockey and kill bugs. There is enough memory in mine for 100 of my own progreams , each program can run 32 frequencies. I was also willing to take the risk on a pads unit. I used the tube and had heard the pad units worked as well, better in some cases. I put it on my credit card and took the leap of faith..The price was $ 2,449.00 . After using the machine for a year now I will tell you that I am much farther along than I thought I could ever be. I am on the edge of being abx free. I still pulse with doxy and a ceftin/ flagyl combo to get the cyst form. I am on abx less than ten days a month. I think it will be another year before I am 100% symptom free. Then I will still continue to rife.



The Energy Wellness machine was my first choice, and I still believe it is a good machine and capable of getting me cured of this..There are some things you should know about it so that you can make your own choice.The biggest drawback I can see is that there are "only" 258 frequencies pre-programed into the unit. Therefore you cant choose a specific freq. You have to work with what they give you. It sounds like alot, but when you start playing with the numbers it really isnt. For instance, if you are coinfected with either Babesia, HME, or HGE there are only a few effective numbers for each. Meaning you dont have the ability to run every freq.that is out there for the specific disease. Also there are some key lyme freqs. missing, but I have found this to be of little consequence. The EW machine also cannot sweep between freqs. This may sound like a bad thing, and maybe it is, but the fact is I continue to get better. Would I have gotten better faster if it could sweep? I am not sure. I do know that I have used the Bio Ray unit in Fl. since having my machine, and I dont feel like I herx any more on that machine,than I do with mine. Even on the numbers I do not have on my machine. On the plus side you can set the intensity that you want, and since all freqs. feel a little different, this is good. Some signals are strong, some need to be turned up a bit and this is a nice feature. Also the machine sends the frequency in pulses, like the Bio Ray. I feel like this disrupts the bugs better. I have run the Bio Ray on steady and notice the die off is less severe. The EW machine (now in its third generation) is accurate to 1/1000 of the advertized Hz reading. So you know when you are running a number it is accurate.I believe the EW machine was designed with cancer in mind as you will find alot of cancer numbers in there. Also some numbers known to cause damage to the body are omited. Probably for lawsuit avoidance. Would I buy the same machine again?? I am not sure, I know alot more about the various machines now, than when i purchased mine. I believe you should try a few out, dont be afraid to spend the money. I know that I will continue to periodically use the machine in Sarasota because I can fly for free (I work for the airlines) and I believe in hitting lyme with everything you can. Also the Naturopath that runs the clinic knows alot, and its good to bounce stuff off of him (More on that later). I would not feel like i needed to buy another machine if mine was the only one i could use. I am not saying this because i spent $2,500 and dont want to admit i made a mistake. I know how much lyme costs (financially, and otherwise) and would not recomend the machine if I felt It did’nt work. I really feel like unless you plop down the $6,000 for the Bio Ray you are compromising anyway...Just my opinion....It does everything well...One more thing I think pad and tube are equally effective, I do think the pad units clean out the Lymph system beter..This comes from running equal run times on the same freqs. on both machines...Keeping the Lymphatic system clean is key to staying detoxed, in turn reducing symptoms.

Do I think Rife is the only thing you need to get better? NO...It is the one thing that turned me around, and got me back on my feet though. I still concider it the most important part of my treatment regimen. Anyone who has had lyme for a long time knows that there is no magic bullet, wonder cure, or protocall that works 100% of the time for 100% of the people. This is why lyme is a problem. It takes throwing everything you can at it , doing your homework, and talking to as many people as you can. If you are only doing what your doctor is telling you, it probably isnt enough..I am not saying dont listen to your LLMD, I am saying go beyond what he has to say . Remember, you are the one who is sick , you are in charge of your health.

Going off abx is scary. I did it for a month last year to get my gut back in order. You are always waiting for the other foot to drop. I kept rifing during that month,, and realised that I wasnt going to "crash" like alot of the people who go off drugs. The rife machine was keeping my head above water. Furthermore I felt great being off the drugs. I had more energy, the yeast was going away and my apetite for healthy foods was returning. I started to question why I was even on drugs.. So I told my LLMD I was ready to pulse and he went with it. I was down to doxy only and at 400mg a day , two thirds of my prior dose. I also noticed that the rife machine seemed to be getting more bugs while I was off the abx. I was starting to learn that abx are just suppressive therapy.. They keep them down so you feel fine, they are still there, they are just hiding !!!! There is no hiding from the rife machine. Since last summer my LLMD has let me run my own show, he knows the rife works, but he wants to make sure that we take care of the cyst form. By this summer I will not use abx. Already I am going three weeks at a time off of abx.

At the present time I am rifing 2-3 days on and 3-4 days off. This schedule seems wierd, but it has to flow with the pattern of my job. I am a flight attendant and spend three to four days a week away from home..My machine is only 4"x6" and small enough to take with me, but trying to explain it to the security screeners is a drag. Especially since Sept. 11th. So I just rife on the days I am home, detox on the road.. It works well, and the four days away from the rife machine seems to be what it takes for the lyme to come back out. It might be different for you.. Most of the hotels I overnight in have saunas so I make sure I spend some time in there. I eat alot of raw veggies drink ALOT of water and excersize everyday, even if it is just to stretch out.I try to avoid developing a pattern. I do think lyme are smart enough to figure out things if you get into to much of a rythm. So if I am off a day or two here and there it usually means I get a better herx. I dont sweat it when i start feeling "lymie" while I am out on a trip, because I know when I get home they are going to get their teeth kicked in!! I do notice that if I run 600mg of doxy the day after my last rife session it seems to "mop" up. Meaning I get better than usual die off. This is what I am using the drugs for at this point. I never take abx more than four days in a row.

When you first start to rife you will just be thinking of killing bugs. I cant stress enough to try the detox and pain relief numbers as well. They really work..I also play around with numbers below 20hz. These numbers stimulate alpha and beta brain waves and can be good for inducing deep sleep, fighting depression and stress. You will notice that some numbers make you very tired. This is welcome for many with lyme who fight with insomnia and early waking. I have a lyme sequence that will put me to sleep before the program is done running. It is nice when you are not feeling well. The best part is you dont wake up groggy, like you do when you take sleeping pills.

Herbal Therapy

My current herbal supplements include Hepalin brand artemisin caps. 2x100mg a day. Olive leaf extract(OLE), Grapefruit seed extract(GSE) (except the days I am on doxy, it contadicts doxy)garlic, sarsasparilla, usnea , red clover, spillanthes, stillingia, and prickly ash. The last six come from a cherokee indian remedy for lyme. Those herbs work to keep the blood cleaned out and increase deep tissue circulation. OLE, GSE are natural antibiotics and Artemisin is for the babesia (just making sure i got it all). I also take 600 mg of amino acid chelated Magnesium a day as well as selenium. There is alot of mineral deficiency that goes with long time abx use (especially doxy), as well as those with chronic infection. There is also alot of research being done on Mg as a method of firing up the mitochondria in the cells..A method of "unsticking" the lyme from the cells, a sort of uncoupling agent. Usnic acid in Usnea does the same. Since starting heavier doses of Mg I have noticed deeper herxes and less symptoms of toxicity..If you do your research you will find that alot of the Lyme symptoms are the same as Mg deficiency. Probably not to coincidental for those on long term antibiotics. I also take a good multivtamin, sublingual vitamin B and vitamin c (it helps doxy cross the blood brain barrier) I try to get everything else from a good diet. I eat alot of greens, garlic and lean meat. Mostly try to stay away from "dead" processed food...Most of my veggies i eat raw. No dairy. The cleaner your diet the better you will feel, especially when you start rifing.

You should do something to get the blood flowing every day. Excersise is very important.( If you are having heart problems talk with your doc.) It will help you feel a whole lot better, especially when you start to rife. It is a vital part of the oxygenation of the body, and keeps the toxins flushed out..You need to find a way to sweat, walking wont cut it..Excersize boosts the immune system as well as raising you core body temperature. Two things spirochetes hate is oxygen and a high core temperature. It slows down thier reproduction. I continued to run and cycle even when I was sick. I remember during a run my vision was so blurry i could barely see the cracks in the sidewalk. I found that when I had a bad headache, a short 20 min run would get rid of it. Also if you are still on abx it will drive them deeper into tissue..

If you can remember that lyme is intollerant to heat (high body core temperature) oxygen (starves them out) and acid (cant reproduce in an acidic environment) it will be easier to build a plan for fighting lyme naturally. The herbs usnea (usnic acid) and sarsaparilla are high in tannic acids, and work to keep the Bb from reproducing. Sarsaparilla is an old remedy for syphillis, and an indian remedy for lyme....both organisms are spirochetes. Heat produced by excersize and the lactic acid byproduct aid in the release of Bb from deep tissue while, the circulation increases detox while also driving abx deeper into tissue. GSE, while being effective for yeast and fungal infections is also effective (in high doses) against many bacteria in vitro. The high acid content kills many on contact. OLE is another that is a natural antibiotic.*** Hot baths are a daily for me. I mix in my hot water, epsom salts (magnesium!) and Hydrogen peroxide (one bottle) a couple times a week. It helps with oxygenation and loosens up stiff lymie muscles... I think of it this way, everything i do, from diet to excersize , to sleep has a negative effect on lyme

During my year of using Rife technology and herbs I have maintained normal blood levels, despite the use of five types of antibiotics and atovaquone (Mepron).

My CBC and CMP all come back in the normal range. And despite being on a more acidic diet, my body ph returned to the normal range after scaling back on abx.

Just as important is sleep. It is the time when the body repairs itself. You will notice the night after a rife you will herx pretty hard. As you drift off to sleep your imune system picks up and you will feel some good die off. Its when your body gets its work done.

Below are the run times and frequencies for the two machines i have used. I never stop experimenting. Just last week i found a number that works very well. Like anything with lyme never settle for just enough. I have noticed that if you change the order of the numbers you are running it can make a profound difference. As always start with the proven numbers and go from there....AND GO SLOW...


My Wife’s Battle Against Lyme disease.

In February of 1992, my wife Brenda was outside cleaning up the yard in the front of our house in Grimsby Ontario. It was a beautiful spring day, and some leaves needed cleaning out of the front cedar bushes. She always enjoyed gardening, and working in the yard.

When she came into the house for the evening, she had something on her neck, which looked like a small piece of black dirt, unusual for that area as most of the dirt was redish brown. She washed it off, and it went down the sink, and didn’t think any more of it.

After this, her health started to deteriorate, and so she kept a bit of a diary as to how things progressed. I have taken information from the diary, as well as other things we learned, and hopefully sharing this with others will help them in the future.

March 15, 1992 - Brenda went to a doctor in Grimsby to get her ear checked, because she felt there was something wrong, she also had a very bad, and unusual headache (she seldom gets headaches). She also had a red blotch on the right side of her neck which looked like a bite. The Dr. said he did not know what the red blotch was and prescribed 250 cefuroxime axetil twice a day for 1 week for ear infection.

April 1, 1992 - the ear was better but she still had the mark on her neck. We were leaving for California for a pre-arranged business trip. She was not feeling very well but wanted to go so much that she went anyway. We visited a friend who is a nurse in California and she thought the mark on her neck might be a fungal infection, and suggested she use "Quadriderm" creme for the rash. She did this for two weeks and the mark faded, but did not go completely away.

April 8, 1992 - She was feeling very fatigued, sleeping 12 hours or more at a time. Also she had a fever of 101 degrees for 3 days even though she was taking Tylenol for it.

April 15, 1992 - Her left ankle, and then her right wrist started to suddenly hurt a great deal. She went to the Queenston Medical Clinic in Hamilton since she could not get in to her family doctor. The doctor at the walk-in clinic said that he would test her for mono and that he was not sure but the red blotch could be a fungal infection. The mono test was negative. The doctor gave her Micatin cream.

May, 1992 - The rash that she had, started to change. A large, red/purplish ring appeared on her neck all around where the original blotch had been about the size of a baseball, and the center cleared. It looked much like a target. . It was such a strange rash, that she had me take a photograph of it, which was one of the smartest things we could have done. She also was having a lot of joint pain by now. She went to the doctor in Grimsby, and he said he had never seen anything like this before. He took a scraping for fungus, and it was negative. The doctor’s nurse said it kind of looked like a bruise, which it was not. The doctor sent her to a dermatologist. The dermatologist carefully examined the area on her neck with his magnifying glass, and thought it could possibly be a bite in the center. Then he said "if I didn’t know any better, I would say it’s a Lyme disease rash, but it can’t be since there is no Lyme in Ontario," a statement we learned later was un-true. He took some blood to do a Lyme test, and the test came back negative. As a result of the negative test, he refused to treat her with anti-biotics. (4 weeks of anti-biotics at the rash stage can kill Lyme very easily.)

May 26, 1992 - The lyme test came back negative. By now my wife was trembling some nights. She would also have dizziness and nausea that would last for a day or so, and then go away. I remember one night she had so much pain in her elbows that she had them propped up on two pillows, and was moaning in her sleep.

At that time all of the doctors seemed to go on strike against the disease. Without a positive blood test, they refused to treat her. My wife had read an article about Lyme in a magazine, and it mentioned a doctor who was very heavily involved in the disease. He was located in Ajax Ontario, so she decided to go see him. He also did testing on her, and again the tests came back negative, and he subsequently refused to treat her for Lyme.

June 9, 1992 - Brenda went to a Doctor of internal medicine in Toronto. He took a lot of blood tests for Lupus, Thyroid, and some other auto-immune diseases. All blood work and urine came back within normal range, and he said that she should just wait and the bad joint, and tendon pains that were keeping her awake and home most of the time would just probably go away. As the time passed, other symptoms developed. Her feet hurt, her tongue was numb, all of her major joints hurt including her elbows, wrists, knees. We went to Toronto the 1st week of July for a function at the Sky Dome. We stayed at the Holiday Inn only 2 blocks away from the facility. In order to get there, she had to take a cab from the hotel as she was in so much pain she couldn’t even walk to the stadium.

July 23, 1992 - We took Brenda back to the doctor in Toronto, her pains were still severe. The clinic where the doctor practices was a special clinic in Toronto where specialists come from around the area. The doctor’s were baffled, and then I said to the one doctor, "suppose the tests are wrong, and she actually does have Lyme, for the sake of a few anti-biotics, do you want to take the risk?" As soon as I mentioned the word risk, he consented to give her some anti-biotics, 4 weeks of tetracycline, 250 mg. every 8 hours. She found some improvement after being on the anti-biotics for 4 weeks however 1 week after the prescription ended the pains in her tendons and bones started to get worse again. Also an unusual rash came and went on the opposite side of her neck from where the original rash was.

August - On one beautiful summer day my wife just had to get out of the house. While out, we bumped into a friend, Mona Smith who lived in Grimsby. She asked Brenda how she was feeling and she responded "I’m terrible." "What’s wrong" Mona asked. "The doctor thought I might have Lyme disease, but the test came back negative, so I don’t know what I have" Brenda replied. Mona had a sister who worked in the library in Hamilton, she mentioned the problem to her sister, and she looked up some information on Lyme in the library, photo-copied it, and sent it to my wife. In the information was the address, and phone number of a Lyme support group in Connecticut. Brenda sent away for the information, and as soon as she read it she knew that she had Lyme disease, as the symptoms matched the information exactly.

About this time, we also heard of a friend who’s daughter had been bitten by a tick in South Carolina while on vacation, and when she came back to Canada, the family doctor in Grimsby gave the little girl 4 weeks of anti-biotics "just in case." We thought that this doctor might be more open to helping my wife. As we were reading over the information from the Lyme support group I noticed the name of a Doctor Burrascano from East Hampton on Long Island in New York who seemed to be an expert in the field of Lyme Disease. I called their office, and asked them if anyone had ever died of Lyme. They said that not in their care, however others had. We were able to put the new doctor in Grimsby in touch with Dr. Burrascano, and he agreed to treat my wife under Dr. Burrascano’s guidelines. We also made an appointment to go to see Dr. Burrascano in East Hampton at the end of October (he is extremely busy.)

September 2, 1992 - She awoke very dizzy and nauseated. Also had a lot of joint pain behind the knees, and ankles. By this time she could not even walk around the block.

September 4, 1992 - Started IV anti-biotics. 2 grams of cefotaxime (claforan) 3 times a day. This was under the guidelines of Doctor Burrascano.

Dr. Burrascano’s treatment guidlines may be seen on the internet at Click on "Clinical Information", then click on Latest Diagnosis and Treatment Recommendations of Dr. Joseph Burrascano.

September 15, 1992 - Brenda was feeling improvement after 11 days of IV Cefotaxime. She still had arthritic pains in her right knee, and the tendons in her arms and legs were very sore. She was also very sick on the 3rd day of IV treatment, she was in a lot of pain and seemed to be coming down with this illness all over again, but fortunately this passed and she was now feeling a lot of improvement. She had now slept without 222’s for about 1 week.

At that point in time, we did now know about Herxheimer reactions. The anti-biotics were causing a kill off of the bacteria, which subsequently made her feel ill, a normal reaction discovered by Jarisch- Herxheimer, and hence the name.

September 29, 1992 - Brenda had a very bad yeast infection from the anti-biotics. She also had a lot of pelvic pain, and burning.

September 30, 1992 - Stopped the IV anti-biotics that day because of the yeast infection. Also my wife just wasn’t feeling right. Doctor Burrascano had said to monitor her white blood count as the anti-biotics can cause this to reduce, a side effect called Leukopenia. On September 19th, her white blood count had dropped to 3.6. Just after she stopped taking the IV, the doctor phoned, and said it was a good thing she had as her white blood count had now dropped to 2.5, which can be very dangerous, the normal range is from 4-11.

October 2, 1992 - Stayed off of anti-biotics for September 30, and October 1st in order to stop the yeast infection and to allow her white blood cell count to come back. On October 2nd, she started taking an oral anti-biotic, biaxin.

October 4, 1992 - Almost felt normal. Had a nice day with our son. The pain started again in the evening. Did not sleep well at all. She was kept awake with pain in her joints, and tendons. She took 3 -222’s, but they did not seem to help.

October 5, 1992 - Felt terrible first thing in the morning. Did not go anywhere at all. By early evening, she was feeling a little better. The pain started to over-take her at night again. Just before she went to bed, she took a hot bath, and 2-222’s. She never slept at all, so she got up at 4 A.M. and took two more 222’s. Again, she never slept. The pain was in her neck, under her jaw, and her legs, arms, wrists, and hip bones hurt.

At this point, my wife also had chest pains periodically.

October 19, 1992 - I had arranged to take Brenda to Doctor Burrascano. We finally were able to see him. To this point, we were trying to cure her of a mystery illness thought to be Lyme disease, but we were unsure because of the negative blood test. Doctor Burrascano tested her pressure points, asked some questions, and then we showed him the photograph of the rash we had taken several months earlier. Doctor Burrascano’s conclusion was that she had Lyme disease, in fact he said it was a classic case of the disease. I asked him about the negative blood test, and he replied, "did they not tell you there is no good test for Lyme?" Finally we knew what we were treating.

Doctor Burrascano said that as a medical doctor, he could only prescribe that which was known to help Lyme. She was to take evening primrose oil, slow-mag, a multi-vitamin like centrum silver, her anti-biotics, and 300 mgs of Co-Q-10 each day. "What is Co-Q-10" I asked. He proceeded to tell us that Co-Q-10 is in every cell in your body, it is the energy producer. When they had done biopsies of people’s heart muscles that had Lyme, they found them deficient in Co-Q-10. Of course the organ that needs the most Co-Q-10 is the heart. (There is an excellent book entitled "The Miracle Nutrient Co-Q-10"). After taking the Co-Q-10 for two weeks, my wife’s chest pains had disappeared. He also encouraged her to do physiotherapy as exercise seems to burn off the spirochetes, the bacteria that causes the infection. It was from this point on that my wife’s health seemed to turn around.

December 1, 1992 - We had a second visit to Dr. Burrascano. Each time we went there, we seemed to learn something new. My wife was on all of the treatment he prescribed, and was getting better, but still had pains, and needed lots of rest, at least 10 hours each night. She was also having problems with her white blood count, which kept going down. Dr. Burrascano’s answer was to put her on pulse therapy, that is she would take a heavy dose of anti-biotics for two days, and then she was off for five days. He said she would still have a Herxheimer, which is what one wants to kill the bacteria. This seemed to help her.

March 15, 1993 - We had another appointment with Dr. Burrascano. My wife was getting better, but still had pain, and her bad days. She still required at least 10 hours sleep each night. Her physiotherapy was helping, and she was getting stronger.

July 15, 1993 - We moved from Ontario to British Columbia in order to be closer to family, and for some moral support. Brenda was feeling better, but still had the pains at times, and lacked energy.

About 6 months prior to moving, our friends sister who worked at the Hamilton Library called my wife, and told her about a new book that had just arrived on Lyme. It was compiled by Lora Mermin, and was entitled "Lyme Disease 1991 Patient/Physician Perspectives from the U.S. & Canada." I read the entire book, and learned a great deal. We also received other bulletins at that time from other Lyme support groups in our quest to cure this terrible disease. One of the things we learned is the similarity of Lyme, and MS. We also learned about a study where 70 MS patients were treated as if they had Lyme, and 50% responded. Was MS, Lou Gehrigs disease, Chronic Fatigue, and Lupus all caused by insect bites? One documented case in Finland of Lyme was caused by a mosquito bite. All of the bites we receive during our life time, are they the cause of these diseases?

After I read the book, I thought that it would be beneficial to others, should they happen to get this dreaded disease so that they would not have to go through all the bad experiences that we had. I subsequently ordered 20 books from Lora, and distributed them to libraries around the Grimsby area. This also brought about another turn of events, which I will relate later.

March 1994 - My wife is doing better, still taking her anti-biotics, and going for her blood test. We have occasion to go to a sales meeting in Florida, so on the way we fly via New York and see Dr. Burrascano again. He is pleased with her progress, but she still has pain, needs lots of rest, and has the white blood cell problem. Fortunately when we move to British Columbia, my wife finds a good doctor that will still treat her under Dr. Burrascano’s guidelines.

I think around January of 1994 - Lora mermin sends us an update to her book published in 1991. In the update there is a letter from a fellow by the name of Pete who has built some strange machine that cured his Lyme disease. Sounded kind of off the wall to me, but if I was ever going to get my wife completely better, why not investigate. Fortunately Pete lived near Seattle, only a two hour drive from where we now live. I phoned Pete, and asked if we could see him, and his machine.

March 1994 - We went to visit Pete, and before we could see his machine, he wanted to explain how he learned about it and the theory behind it as well.

Pete was extremely ill with Lyme, in fact he thought he was going to die. Also his two children, and his wife had the disease. He was preparing his estate, and sold his business. Some "shirt-tailed" relative of his told him about this machine that they had in the 30’s and 40’s that would kill certain types of bacteria. Pete read the book the Cancer Cure that Worked, and thought that this might work on Lyme. He started to do some experimentation with a frequency generator, a coil, and an amplifier along with some matching capacitors. He placed some of the bacteria (burgdorferi borellia, the spirochete type bacteria that causes Lyme) on his microscope, and then started his frequency generator, and at about 306 Hz, the bacteria started to vibrate like crazy, broke in half, and died. While viewing this occurrence in his microscope, he of course had his head near the coil, and received the worst Herxheimer reaction he had ever had in his life. He subsequently started using larger amplifiers, and different coils until he arrived at the current design, which uses a 2000 watt QSC MX-2000 amplifier.

He took us down into his basement, and said if we wanted to use the machine, we could turn it on. For the 1st session, I put the coil on my wife’s mid-section for only 1 minute, and then she was to see how she reacted. My wife did feel something at a certain frequency, and she had some reaction to the machine, primarily a good bowel movement.

Two weeks later, we went back to see Pete again. This time, I held the coil longer, about 2 minutes in her mid-section. She also wanted it held by her elbows as that was where most of her pain was. Again, she had some reaction to it. All during this time, my wife was still on anti-biotics, and still had pain. She needed about 10 hours rest each night, but she was much better than she was a year earlier.

April 10, 1994 - We went back to see Pete again. I put the coil on her neck, chest, belly, knees, and her foot. The frequency was 854 Hz. Pete also helped me build a coil, it was only a 2Mh coil that was good for lower frequencies from 300 to 432 Hz, as I didn’t have any matching capacitors. After I built the machine, I took it down to Seattle, and had Pete check it over, and it seemed to work fine. From that time on, about every two weeks, I would give my wife a session on the machine. About June of 1994, my wife started to have more energy, and she said "you know, I think that machine is working, I am starting to feel better." I remember after one session, the very next day she had her blood test for the white blood count. It had shot up to 8. Her white blood count had never been that high, was it the machine? We were sure it was. The treatments continued on using 345 frequency, and then I found some capacitors that allowed me to match the coil to the frequency and try other frequencies. The next frequency we tried was 690 Hz, double the 345. The sessions continued about every two weeks. By this time, she had virtually stopped using anti-biotics, the machine seemed to take their place.

In January of 1995, I was traveling through Seattle, and called Pete to see if he had learned anything new, and if there was a better way of treating Lyme. He gave me a write-up that he had done, and he also helped me wind a stronger 8.5mh coil. On January 21st of 1995, we tried a new frequency, 484. My wife felt awful after that treatment, she had a major Herxheimer. The treatments continued still about every two weeks until May 20th of 1995, and her pain was becoming less and less. Because of her diminishing pain, we started reducing the treatments as we would forget to do them. The next one was on June 25th, then August 6th, and then October 15th. We shouldn’t have spaced the treatments out so much, as the bacteria seemed to be coming back. We then did the next treatments on November 3rd, 12th, December 2nd, and December 18th using the 484 frequency. And then on December 30th, a major break through occurred. I used all 4 frequencies Pete had suggested, 864, 690, 610, and 484 Hz, each for 2 minutes in 7 locations on her body, just below her neck, her chest, belly, pelvis, knees, feet, and elbows. The next day, she said she felt good. Seemed strange that she would feel good, I expected a major herxheimer, but the opposite seemed to happen. To be sure that we killed the bugs, we didn’t want to slip like we did before, so she had the 484 frequency on January 15th 96, February 2nd, and February 21st. During those sessions, I also held the coil in my hand, and scanned it over her body with all four frequencies. I then had another occasion to talk to Pete, and he said that some had found another frequency that seemed to push them over the top, 790 hz. On March 17th, we tried this on my wife, and as Pete indicated it seemed to push her over the top. The next session was on May 18th and July 16th, both with 790. On October 5th, she was having some slight pain, so I used the 790 frequency again, and then scanned her with all 5 frequencies.

At the end of December 1996, my wife had come down with the flu, and a bit of a cold. I had my Bare unit working by this time, and thought I would try it to see if it would help her get over the flu. A strange thing happened, the rash that she originally had came back. We had always kept the coil away from her head, were the bacteria now being killed off there? The last treatment we did was on February 15th of 1997. At that time I used the coil machine on her with the 790 frequency using square waves. At the end of the session, I had her sit in front of the Bare machine, and ran all 5 Lyme frequencies through it. Since that time, she has not had need of a treatment, which is 4 months.

Her energy is back, she gets about 7 or 8 hours sleep each night. She walks every night, and lives a normal active life. She still takes her other supplements that Dr. Burrascano suggested, she hasn’t had anti-biotics for about two years, and has reduced the Co-Q-10 to 60mg’s per day.

What have we learned from all of this? My wife was very fortunate that she got the Lyme rash. 50% of the people either do not get the rash, or forget having one, otherwise she might never have known what disease she had. We are also grateful for all of the people that helped her. The doctors that took her seriously. Dr. Burrascano who assisted her immensely, and Doctor Ireland who treated her under Dr. Burrascano’s guidlines. We are also grateful to Mona Smith in Grimsby who told her sister about my wife, and for her sister who worked at the library who sent us the information, even though we never met her, and still don’t know her name. For Lora Mermin who sent us the update so we could get in touch with Pete, and for Pete’s assistance in building the machine. Also for the encouragement others gave us to keep fighting, like Dianne Kindree, and John Scott.

We also learned that you must be patient to defeat this disease. It is now over 5 years since she first became ill. I have seen people try the machine a couple of times, have a major reaction, but if they aren’t better within a couple of weeks, they go on to try other things. It was 12 weeks before my wife really started to feel the effects of the machine. You must be patient. The Lyme healing process takes at least 2 years using the frequency generating machine.

I admire the fact that my wife never gave up. Some resign themselves to being ill, sit in a wheel chair, and wait to die. She had such a will to live, that she was diligent in her pursuit to feeling better.

I hope this little story will help others in their quest to defeat this debilitating disease.

As told by Mike Graham


(Name changed to protect individual's privacy)

Transcript: 1994 Video Tape

This information is about the original Plasma device NOT the new Version.

Editorial note: I’ve removed/changed various names in this transcript out of respect for the privacy of the individuals involved.

My name is Joe. I am going to talk about the machine that I found out about that people have used on themselves to treat many illnesses. They have been somewhat successful...

My wife Jean began to have a mysterious illness in 1980. She had dizzy spells and nausea. At one point she got so bad that if she even sat up she was immediately sick. This went on for 10 days. And from 1985 on her sicknesses seemed to intensify more: she could no longer do any knitting because of arthritis in her hands, especially her thumbs. She also had headaches. Just before the Memorial Day weekend in 1992, she got to the point where she couldn’t do much, and finally she made an appointment to go up for a physical. She was going through menopause and wanted to get checked out, plus to get estrogen or something of that nature.

The nurse who examined her said she had to have a mammogram. It scared the daylights out of Jean. However, it came out fine: there was nothing but fibroids. After that, she had chest pain from the tight press and heart palpitations. When we got the results Jean broke down crying.

Now we know that she had Lyme disease so bad that she could not take stress. She was very, very depressed, and we got to running other tests, and finally my mother insisted that we get a Lyme test. Up in this part of the country, to that point, we had heard the word, but we didn’t know what it was. A couple of years before this my mother had insisted that I get a Lyme test because after the bite of a tick I had a big red circle around it. We know now that it takes six weeks to six months before you can get a positive test, because they test for antibodies in your blood - they don’t test for the spirochete. And, anyway, my test was negative.

We had Jean tested, and the doctor couldn’t believe that she came back positive. "There’s no Lyme in this area... Where did you go to get Lyme?" And a spiel like this went on. It didn’t matter, she had Lyme.

Our daughter, who works in hospital in Denver, had sent us a little bit on Lyme years before. Now she said we should get Jean checked. I took these papers to the doctor after we found out she had it. I wasn’t trying to be smart with him - I just wanted to show him that we’d heard of the disease. He was very hyper over this; his exact words were, "Seeing how you’re doing the doctoring from now on, what do we do next?"

At this point, I was ready to put him through a window. But I looked at my wife: To see her sitting there in pain and agony, and I knew we had to have someone for a doctor, so I bit my tongue and shut up and went home. A person had already told me about some doctors away down in "Neartown", all the way nearly to "Bigtown". I called them, we went down, and we had the nicest doctor you could ever imagine. This guy is very thorough, he’s very good, and I could ask him a question, he answered. I took the same papers, against Jean’s wishes, and when this guy saw the papers, he was very happy: he said, "You know about the disease; all I have to do is treat it."

We did treat with this doctor for 21 months. This first doctor had started her on Doxycycline but this doctor in "Neartown", he had a fit because it was Doxy. He said it wasn’t any good at all. "But as long as you’ve been on it a while, you might as well continue." And then he saw it was a 21-day, and he had a fit over that: "It takes at least 30 days to get anywhere. So he gave us an extension on it - she went 30 days. Then we switched to amoxicillin for 14 months, and at that time - she had plateaued before that - she didn’t want to change medicines and get Herxheimer’s and all that stuff, and she wouldn’t tell anybody that she kept getting worse.

At this time they put her on Biaxin. This was nothing but bad news. While she was on the 7 months of Biaxin, taking $100 worth of Zantac per month; and this Biaxin was taking out her menstrual cycle, and it gave her unbearable stomach cramps, and she had to cut the dosage down to a smaller dose than they recommended, and all in all it was doing her practically no good...

Alternative Treatments Information

Back at Thanksgiving time, 1993, I had called "Jane John" and ordered some more Lyme books. I had a prayer with God, asking Him to make my wife well. "Jane John" sent me some papers which told me about magnetic treatments, hot water treatments; and the electro-magnetic treatments.


We immediately got a hold of some permanent magnets, and they definitely do help pain and symptoms. Now, my wife was treating her chest, and her bowels which were still bothering her, from the arthritis, and the magnets did help the symptoms considerably. They are not a cure, but they were very helpful. At one point, she was putting the slab magnets on, 24 hours at a time, sometimes several days at a time. We found out you could get - we called it a magnet burn - a rash that would be somewhat painful, in the exact shape of the magnet. At times it would even actually really burn - got a burning sensation through it. So you can’t wear magnets 24 hours a day for too many days in a row. You have to let your skin breathe.

Incidentally, for migraines, she has found that a large magnet 6" long, 4" wide, and 3" thick (it’s reasonably expensive - we paid $38 for it) works very well. When she gets a migraine, she usually ends up going to bed, putting a hot-water bottle on her head, laying on whichever side the headache is on, directly on the negative pole of the magnet; it usually stops the headache in a hour’s time. And these migraines, up until then, regardless of what drug she was taking, would last 24 to 30 hours. So, the sooner she gets on the magnet when she feels the migraine start, the quicker she can stop it. If she’s lucky enough to be home in the evening when one of these headaches start, she can lie down and get the magnet and stop it fast. If she’s overworked. and can’t get to it for a few hours, it takes a little longer.

In 1994 "Jane Doe" began coming over here. She had gone with us to the doctor in "Neartown", and got some months of treatment for her Lyme - and her shoulder suddenly started getting worse. She also had pain in her hip, a memory loss, and a big drop in ambition: she was really a typical Lyme patient.

They X-rayed her shoulder; she could not raise her arm to get deodorant under her arm. The local doctor said that it was not Lyme - it could have been helped to be brought on by Lyme - but it was osteoarthritis: it would never be better; it was irreversible; and she would have to learn to live with it, and take pain pills to get along.

It was about this time she started using magnets. We had some real small ones - we call them domino-type magnets - about the size of a domino, just sticking them on her bra strap and wearing them around the house. A couple of months later, we went back to the doctor’s with her. We began telling him about magnets. He was real nice about it, but you could tell he didn’t believe us. "Jane Doe" showed him by putting her hands straight up. He couldn’t believe this: his mouth dropped open, his eyes bugged out, and he started listening a little bit more about the magnets then.

"Jane Doe" Responds to the Machine

So about this time we finally got the machine working so it was going reliably, and she used electro-magnetic treatment on her arm, her shoulder, and, to shorten this up a little bit, by the end of July she was able to swim with both hands. She loved to swim; she was swimming with overhand strokes, and without pain. And she has pretty much 100% use of that arm now. The pain there is much reduced; I would say 90% gone. She says she can do things that she wasn’t able to do before, with the hip pain. If she’s sitting in a chair, she can get up and walk away; and it used to be she would have to sit there and kind of work things out. When she got up in the morning she would go to the stairs and kind of slide down the stairs on her tail, because her feet, her ankles and hip were so bad she couldn’t walk downstairs. And now all this is gone she can go downstairs and she can get a cup of coffee just like anybody else.

Hyperthermia (Hot Water) Treatments for Jean

And we did find out that hot water baths would help. She would go in, she would fill a bathtub with water just about as hot as she could stand, and then she would turn the hot water on after she was in the tub a little bit, and get the temperature on up. She has got her temperature up to 103 degrees. Now, she wasn’t going with a full-length treatment: she says that after about 10 minutes she got the point where she had to get out, or she felt just like sliding under the water and forgetting the whole thing. And when she got out of the water, she would have a real good sinus attack - a Lyme attack, if you will. Her sinus would fill up, and she would be sneezing and really carrying on for 15 or 20 minutes, and then that would cease and she would be all right again.

I blame this effect on the fact that she could pretty well submerge, with the exception of her face. Apparently these bugs are a lot smarter than some people think; they were moving to a cooler and safer place, and they would find it in her sinus and face area, and this is what we would call a sinus attack. We stopped these baths after several months; she didn’t get that much of a boost out of them any more.

Electro-Magnetic Field Generator

By the middle of January, we got the function generator, and the amplifier, and the coils, and we got hooked up, and I ran a little short treatment on myself. And I went to playing with the amplifier after that: I burnt it up. So I bundled it up, sent it back, and the replacement amplifier, I don’t know what was wrong, I was heating it up for a few nights and the replacement burned up. And that time I sat down and wrote the place where I bought the amplifier, and I told them - I was honest about it - I guess that’s not the way to do it. I told them what we were doing, and I got a kind of nasty letter back telling me to send my wife to a doctor and get her a proper treatment, and these machines weren’t meant to do this - they weren’t medical machines and so forth. I really wanted to call the guys or whatever but I didn’t.

But anyway, we did get the machine to work.

I can’t say this machine is exactly the same thing Mr. Rife built; I know it’s not. It works on the same theory - magnetics. And I know that he delivered it in a different way - he had a completely different type of machine than we are using. And I can’t say that this machine will cure all cancers. The only thing that I can say is that if we allow people to use this, we will learn more. I don’t treat anybody. There is absolutely no charge for anybody to use this. We tell them that it is totally experimental; and if they want to use the machine, they do it on their own. No-one has yet been hurt by using this machine on themselves; everybody that has experienced it has either had no change or great improvement.

Jean’s PLASMA MACHINE Treatments

We treated Jean with the machine from the middle of February. That was after she started to go around holding her chest, her face all contorted with pain, saying things like: It’s worse now than when I started. Then, I had arthritis in my thumbs, and now I’ve got it in every joint in my body, and my heart is just a-pounding, and my chest hurts, and I’m not going to make it.

She had depression to the point of suicide. She went out one day for a walk - the doctor said she ought to be on a fitness program - after she spent most of the first summer in bed, or near bed; and all she could think of was stepping out in front of a car so she could end all this pain. But the only thing that saved her that day was that every car that came by was driven by somebody she happened to know. After that we didn’t let her walk out by herself. But she’s well over that now - last winter she did a little bit of knitting - that’s all we have time for. For she does work - she works every day, and she works in a sawmill. It’s too hard for her - we know it is - but we’re doing it; and she’s able to function - I would say at least 80% - now [in 1994].

I was telling you these treatments started slow; we kept adding time with each treatment, and we did get Jean up to 25 minutes; and I feel that’s a little bit too long: we were going about three minutes to a position, we’ll say, on your hands, a hand on each side of the coil, three minutes with equal sets, because you keep putting the same treatment on each hand. We were staying away from her chest because we were so afraid that we could get in there and kill so many of these Lyme bugs so fast we could give her heart trouble, or whatever, and we didn’t really need that. So we stayed away from the chest, actually, I think, too long. We should have done this much sooner, because we had all of her arthritis taken care of: she was basically symptom-free, but she said it was still on her brain somewhat - she was having a little trouble with memory, but it was a lot less than it had been.

When we started treating her chest for the first time, I only put the coil on her for 10 seconds, and I know 10 seconds isn’t going to do much; but we were afraid to go any longer. Apparently what we did was scatter bugs throughout her system again. She had aches and pains all over again where we had had them knocked out, and she had them in her knees where she never had trouble before. Now we’ve got that pretty well down: we’re up to the point now where we add 10 seconds per treatment, and we’ve got her so they’re lasting a minute on her chest. And I feel we’re getting to the point now where we’re starting to do something.

And we’ve finally cut the time back to two minutes per position, and now we’re up to 16-18 minutes - something like that - for a total time. And I think 15 minutes would be a pretty good ball-park figure to us.

Editorial note: In 1997 they were up to 50 minutes of treatment at 3 min. per position. The treatment frequencies currently used: 432 - 33 minutes, 800 - 12 minutes, 465 - 12 minutes, (yeast) 1064 - 6 minutes. The treatment areas are: back of neck, both sides of jaw (Lyme TMJ), both breasts, abdomen, both hips, both elbows, both wrists, both knees, both ankles, and usually her forehead. Frequencies are often rotated from one position to another on alternate treatments.

As I was saying, we figure that my wife is at least 80% cured now, and she has not taken antibiotics since February. The day she did the first treatment, she stopped her antibiotics and stayed off them. And that alone is quite a relief. Jean says, if she never gets any better than she is now, she can handle this, as long as the machine is available. If she has to treat for the rest of her life, we are saying that she could be happy. As sick as she was, as functional as she is now. she can live with this. And she does still take some Tylenol.

Editorial note: This was Jean’s state in 1994; in 1997 she is nearly at 100%, and she no longer has any Herxheimer reactions to the machine.

Joe Responds to Treatment

I’ve had Lyme disease myself: I feel that I am cured. I’ve gone two months without a treatment, and when I did do a treatment, I didn’t get any reaction. I’m probably going to go three or four months this time, and see if I get any reaction from it. And my weight has gone back to normal - I’m still big enough.

Side-Effects of Treatments

You have to start slow, because you do get a reaction - a Herxheimer - every treatment. And people - some people don’t get a Herxheimer, and I don’t know why. Apparently there are as many strains of the Lyme bug around - maybe they are using the wrong frequency, maybe too little a power, or too short a time. I don’t know what the trouble is - the ones that I’ve heard of, that I haven’t helped treat themselves.

I was told last night by Jean that a total of 467 treatments have been run on ourselves and other people, different treatments for different ailments. And as far as these Lyme treatments are concerned, we started off very slowly - with about a minute and a half of treatment; and Jean did get a little bit of a reaction to it - in the matter of a couple of days she had diarrhea - and on the night of the treatment she had weird dreams - her dreams that night were like running a video tape in fast forward. She gets these just about every time she treats herself.

Part of this Herxheimer reaction is diarrhea, because the machine is apparently killing some of the bugs - I’m not saying it’s killing them all, but it is killing some of them. The dead bugs in your bloodstream give off toxins... and you release them as diarrhea.

And when this is going on, you can have arthritis pains, any symptom of Lyme disease, whether you’ve had it before or not. Some people have minimal Herxheimer’s; with some people it’s quite violent - you want to be a little bit careful. Now this is one reason we started slow: you have to find out how you will react, before you get into this a little bit harder. There’s no point in making yourself that sick. You start off a little bit easy: if you don’t have bad reactions, add on with each treatment. You can do the first treatment a couple of minutes, and if you are deathly sick to begin with, maybe you ought to lower that to one minute or something. If you don’t react too violently during the first week - and most people don’t - you could do the second treatment one week later.

We use a two-week treatment rotation: do not treat yourself any oftener. The people on the West Coast - they treat themselves once a month. They do get some very serious Herxheimers - I don’t know if they have a different strain of Lyme - I don’t know if it’s because they are treating themselves once a month - I don’t know just what it is. All I do know, I have talked with quite a few people who have had some bad Herxheimers. We are getting milder reactions, because, I think, we are treating every two weeks. I can be wrong, but we’re not going down between treatments at all - we’re not giving the bug time to recoup. Now, they claim that they have reactions, even as much as four weeks after their treatment. And I’m not saying they don’t.

We have reactions two weeks after a treatment, but there are also days when I give my wife a treatment, and she has had a case of diarrhea the same morning. Most of this diarrhea is not anything that you have got to be too concerned about: it is not explosive. Sometimes she will go and sit on the toilet and urinate or something, and she will have diarrhea. It’s something that you can control, to a point. She’s not had any bad problems or accidents. And, hopefully, you won’t either. The only thing that you can say is that when you are unloading a case of this diarrhea, you are dumping a bunch of toxins and a bunch of dead bugs. As long as that continues to happen, keep using the machine, and you will start gaining and you will keep gaining.

Hemorrhoids With Tumor Treatment

Okay, that’s the cancer thing. You treat that, according to Mr. Rife’s book, your should treat yourself every three days. And when my sister was treating herself, she was doing it every three days, very faithful, and she developed a hemorrhoid; she had never had a hemorrhoid in her life; and we don’t have any idea what caused this, why, of any sort, except she did develop a very serious hemorrhoid; and after another treatment, the hemorrhoid broke, and she had some blood, maybe a tablespoonful or so. It was not a clot - it was dark in color. I didn’t see any of it - my mother did. She said that it appeared to have had a cellular structure. I have no idea what this was: I don’t know why it would break. After it broke, she healed, and she gave herself another treatment, and on the third day she got another, small hemorrhoid. However, that one was okay; it took care of itself. And she changed and she treated after that on the fourth day, and she’s never had another problem. T have no idea what this hemorrhoid was over - whether it was over-treating, whether it was caused, somehow or other, by a cancer. I don’t know what she did - I have no idea. But I do know that when she went from three days to four days, she had no more hemorrhoid trouble.

This might be something you’d want to watch out for. However, I understand "Jane Smith" (more on her below) was doing her treatments about every two days, and she’s had no problem. Of course, she did not have a tumor in her breast but she had a skin type cancer.

Weight Gain or Loss

Most people with LD (Lyme disease) either put on weight or lose weight, depending on where your Lyme is. If you have it in your gastric system it pretty much curtails your eating habits, and if not, especially if taking antibiotics: this can put weight on you, or cause you to put on weight. This is not what any doctor will tell you: this is my own theory: nobody has told me this, it is what we have found ourselves. Apparently the electro-magnetic machine somehow activates your immune system.

Editorial note: Antibiotics are used in animal husbandry to help fatten cattle.

Machine Treatment for Breast Tumor

With this I move on to my sister: more than two years ago she had a mammogram - her employment with the state requires one every two years. At that time everything was fine. But this past spring her mammogram disclosed two tumors. And an ultra-sound confirmed them, one about the size of a pea and another, behind it, about the size of a quarter. At the time of the mammogram I had asked the doctor if she could have a little time before surgery or whatever (was it dangerous to wait?) so we could try the machine and see what happened.

Well, as it was, after the ultra-sound the guy said, "I don’t want to see you for another three months." So I figured that was just about the right time to treat. She started in - the first coil I wound was a real quickie deal - quite low-power. She did go on to a better coil - she got up to full strength. And everything worked fine, and she treated herself for about 35 treatments, and they wouldn’t take her back in for another mammogram for another additional three months - three months with, and three months without treatment - she went back in. And the mammogram showed that she still had the same two tumors, but they had not grown; there is nothing changed. And I don’t know what is going on; we are still interested in having her treat herself some more, but I can’t quite convince her to do it. She is sure that she is all set. It’s hard to calculate what to expect from these tumors because we don’t know when they started growing: they may have started the day after the first mammogram, or a year or more afterward. I will tell you about the treatment: the treatment itself is totally painless. You put the coil up there, you put the power on... The first treatment, I asked her if she felt anything... "No... Well, yes, it feels a little bit warm - but just in one little spot." she said. And so she kept on treating it. I am told that she might feel a vibration, or something similar to this. I asked her, but "No."

Well, about the time she got done she says: "I can feel an energy. It’s a weird feeling - it feels like it’s breaking up in there."

Well, this scared me a little bit. So I called a woman that I had known out in the West that had done this. She said, "Oh, yes, I know that feeling well. I told my husband it was exploding in there. You are doing all right." Okay. A couple of hours after this my sister called me up - she had gone home - said, "My right arm hurts so bad I can barely raise my arm - all the way from my elbow to my shoulder. It’s awful." she said, "The pain’s terrible, and it hurts all the way up to under my chin."

I nearly had heart failure. I said, "This is lymph nodes.", I got on the phone, and my Western contact says, "Yep, I can tell you about that: this pain is terrible. I know that pain very well: you’ll get it every time you do a treatment. The parts you’re killing of this tumor are getting into the Iymph glands, and it’s very painful."

Well, at any rate my sister did find out that magnets on the arm would hold this pain down a little bit. At about the 25th treatment, the pain went away and did not ever return. With this three-minute treatment, she was treating herself about every three days with no pain, no reaction, no feeling of warmth any more, no symptom whatsoever. She continued it until she got to 35 treatments. We are getting her to treat herself a little bit whenever we can get her here.

Editorial note: We heard from Joe in April 1995 that his sister’s situation was still satisfactory.

Skin Cancer Goes Away

Now we have a story about a woman in Manhattan named "Jane Smith" - and this story is pretty good. She has Lyme disease, and also had skin cancer on the little finger of the right hand, and somewhere on her chest. In June 1993 she was infected with Lyme. She got sick in October of 1993, and was diagnosed and put on antibiotics in January of 1994. At about this time somebody told her about us, and she called me, and I told her what we were doing was getting the machine together, and made arrangement to bring parts to her. Her doctor had put her on six thousand milligrams of amoxicillin - not right off the bat, but they did work up to it. And I told her that that was about enough to kill anybody.

And she stayed with it. And, to be honest with you, my opinion, as a non-doctor - don’t get me wrong - I’m not telling you what to do, or anything like this: I am not a doctor. But as for antibiotics, they do seem to help the symptoms - I mean, Lyme disease - but in the end I think they drive it deeper into your system. This is what we found with my wife.

"Jane Smith", after being treated for some six months on this higher dose of amoxicillin, at first plateaued, and then started going down. Well, it was shortly after this that we got the machine work. She also wanted some coils that would treat cancer - I took care of that, at around the end of August. She had spent the entire summer in her apartment, primarily in bed; and as of the last several weeks, now, she has been going out of the apartment for at least once a day - for a short time, a half an hour or so - and occasionally she’s out twice a day. She is getting back into mobility. She claims that the Lyme symptoms are abating - it’s a slow process - anybody that wants a quick cure had better find something else - this thing takes quite a while.

But the main thing I want to talk about is this cancer on her finger. At that time I guess she had some on her other hand too. She was using magnets... it cleared it up (the smaller patch). The other did not seem to be going away, and she said the magnet hurt. And she had the lesion on her chest, also diagnosed as skin cancer of some sort by her doctor. She has had some of it taken off years before. When she was a little younger, she used to go out sunbathing. and that’s apparently how she got it.

As she was treating with the machine, she was using a fairly mild dose on it, and it did not go down. She found out that she was wearing the magnets too much on her finger, and it burned on her finger and was causing a rash also. So she stopped wearing the magnets, but continued on the machine. And she said it started looking better. And she told me she was not doing great with her finger, and I told her to add another frequency - 2008, along with the 2127, which she did. A week after that it was still waxing and waning, it would look better after a treatment, and by the next treatment it was back, growing in size again. She told me then that she was treating for a minute and a half on each frequency, and I told her to go up to three minutes on each frequency, and to turn up the power a little higher. Then she called me back three or four days ago, quite happy. She said that after the treatment that morning, the tumorous cancer cell - whatever you want to call it - rash-type thing - felt completely different-had a crusty feel to it. Sometime after that the edges started pulling away and it fell off her finger. There was fresh new skin under it - it looked completely like normal skin. When she looked on her chest, that one was gone too. So needless to say, "Jane Smith" is pretty happy. [As of April 1995 Jane Smith had experienced no recurrence of her skin cancer.]



Various Moles Disappear

Case #1: One of the fellows who was coming here with arthritis, had a whole series of moles on his neck and back - he was an older fellow, fought in World War II, where he got the moles. And after he had done several treatments on his shoulders for arthritis and bursitis, these moles, they changed texture somewhat or else they would itch, and while he was washing or scratching they fell off. I didn’t see them - he claims he had as many as 15 moles on his back at his collar line, four large ones under his arm, which he treated. These were raised, dark, brownish, nearly the size of a pea. And they all fell off.

Case #2: "Jane Doe" (previously mentioned) had some small black specks or spots on her leg, midway between her hip and her knee; and she was treating both her hip and her knee at the time with the Lyme frequency. And these were not raised moles - they were black and under the skin. She said that they would develop an itch and then fall off. She said that they had been there all her life, or nearly. We don’t know why they disappeared; the only thing I can believe is that the machine not only kills the Lyme bugs, but that it is activating your own immune system, and you are doing something with your own body - you reject these things.


I know two people who didn’t respond whatsoever to treatments, and one of them was in very bad condition, a woman who had been in a wheel chair for eight years. Originally she had been bit, apparently by a tick, and she got a rash on her right eye and developed a case of the flu. She had a high fever and at that time she lost all sense of balance; she had double vision and her speech became very slurred. She could not button her buttons: her hands would not work with small objects. Her lack of balance kept her in a wheel chair. The insurance companies, according to her, spent $250,000 on treating and doctors, and then shut her off on funds. She had been on experimental drugs - all kinds of things.

She was a nice-looking girl, 35 years old, but her husband divorced her because of the illness. She lived quite a ways from me: she only came three times and treated herself three times. I came to feel the third one would have done something if she had had Lyme. But I don’t know if some of these experimental drugs gave her problems - I have no idea what happened. And she since has moved away - a couple of thousand miles, so there’s no way I could do anything. Since she was last here, I have found other frequencies; and I would really like for her to try something a little different. There’s hope there, but I guess it’s beyond me now. I hope that someone, wherever she moved to, has got a machine.

Second case: I have one fellow that has MS, that has been treating himself using our machine - I’m sorry to say that the treatments haven’t been able to do any good: they haven’t done any harm, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything, and I don’t know what frequency it is, whether the electro-magnetic machine can be used to help him or not. He’s been in a wheel chair for many years now - nearly 20 years - and whether or not he can get himself out I don’t know. But I do take a machine to his place, and that’s one reason I keep one that is more or less portable.

Arthritis Treatments

Our experience with arthritis: We started it with my mother, who had it in her wrist and hands. At that time we had no idea what frequency she should use for arthritis. With Lyme disease, a 431 frequency seemed to work well; and so Mom was putting a little 432 on her hand. Since I had no idea whether she had Lyme or not, the first treatments were quite short - about one minute on each hand, or between her hands; and within 20 minutes she was pain-free, and it just completely stopped all of her pain for over a week.

I recommend that anybody that is going to use this for arthritis start off with a short treatment and keep it up if you get a Herxheimer-type reaction. If not, then you can treat it a little longer. I do not recommend anyone treating themselves over three minutes in any one position. On several people who tried the short self-treatment approach, it gave them absolute freedom from pain for two weeks. A couple of people have come very faithfully every week, put three minutes on a couple of different positions, and their arthritis was gone for months. It has not come back yet. Some of them are still treating themselves once a week. I don’t know whether this will ever get to a point where it will stop the arthritis - we’ve only been running with this type of a machine since February, and all I can say is, "This baby works."

My time is your time, in the evening, or any time like that. I am very willing to help all I can, and I certainly hope I don’t confuse anybody.

The only thing: If you do put the machine together, you have to remember to be patient and not overtreat. No one that I know of as yet has had any problems, and I think probably if you did have Lyme disease and overtreated, you could very well make yourself awful sick, and that’s not making yourself better. You have to give yourself time to flush these toxins out of your system, kill off these bugs, or you’ll go through the thing all over again. You have to be patient. If you have the machine sitting here, be sure to treat yourself not more than once every two weeks. Out West, they recommend once a month. Now this you have to decide on your own. We are treating ourselves every two weeks, with good results.

I am completely willing to talk to anybody about this, coach, help, advise, whatever I can do, encourage. And, like I say, I’m not a doctor. I can’t tell you to go against your doctor’s orders. You have to make up your own mind whether this will work for you or not. And it does work - believe me, it actually saved my wife’s life.

The doctor did this first because, the one we went to, it was a 5-hour trip. Without him to sustain her life until we got this machine going, I don’t think she would have made it. The first doctor was going to give her 21 days, have her take another Lyme test then if it come back negative, then she was cured, and she would have been done. We now know that if she had taken a week of antibiotics, she would have got a negative Lyme test anyway because the bug would have holed up in her spinal cord, her brain; it would not have been in the bloodstream, or the titer; it would not have been going up, so it would have been a negative test; and she would have been right back into it.

So our doctors - some of them know - the doctor that we went to has been monitoring us and the machine. He is amazed at the progress that we have made, and how well the machine works. Of course, he says, it’s nothing he can use: his hands are tied by the Medical Association and the FDA. Maybe this thing will make it through there: I don’t know. In a way, I hope it doesn’t, because what we are looking at would be a medical tool for practicing medicine, and as it is, I am playing with coils on a big amplifier, and some people are holding it up to them. And the ones that are doing it do seem to be gaining. And all I can say is: I’m awful glad God gave me this information. Thank you very much.


(Name changed to protect individual's privacy)

(note: These construction plans are somewhat out of date. This letter is included to give you a summary of what to expect when building the machine, not to give you a complete building manual)

This article was originally posted to the Rife mailing

list, and as such it is available in the Rife mailing list archives.

Last Updated: March 23, 1997 at 8:00 PM

Pete Device Construction Plans (with out diagrams)

The latest version of the experimental machine is the most

effective and the most complicated. Great care should be taken when

using it for the initial treatments. It can cause Jarish-Herxheimer

reactions, which I feel could be fatal if ones heart were badly

infected or if a person were older. Do not use this machine if

you have non-human, magnetic, or electronic parts in your body.

NOTE: This is an experimental machine and should be used

only for experimental purposes.

The process of getting well is a long and hard one, usually taking

about two years. (For children and teenagers who are not badly infected,

it may be as short as one year.) The cure time has something to do with

the life cycle of the bugs, or the seasons. Most Jarish-Herxheimer

reactions seem to take place in the spring and fall. Maybe this has

something to do with the bugs mutating or dividing. I know that there

are at least four forms of the bug, because we use at least four

frequencies to kill them.

The treatments should start with short times (30-seconds) per frequency

in the waist area. If the heart was involved at any time during Lyme

illness, keep the coil away from the heart for the first several

treatments. Frequencies should be 864 (or 432), 690, 610 (610 to 630 scan),

and 484 (484 to 505 scan) Hz. at a minimum of 100 Gauss. Always run the

610 Hz. after the 864 Hz. This seems to

lessen Jarish-Herxheimer reactions.

The second treatment should be about two weeks later. Do everything

the same as the first treatment except run it for 1 minute. (If the first

Jarish-Herxheimer reactions were too strong, run it at 30 seconds.)

The third and later treatments should be every 3 or 4 weeks, slowly

working up to two minutes per foot of body height, treating the whole

body (i.e. six places vertically at two minutes each for a six foot

person.) After about 12 of these treatments, follow up with a series of

eight weekly ones. If the Jarish-Herxheimer reactions are very small or

gone, one might try two more treatments every six months. Then one a

year for two years.

Everyone is different, and some people may require a different

treatment schedule. Some people go faster and some must go slower.

The gauge is how strong the Jarish-Herxheimer reaction is. At this

point, the patient is the doctor.

NOTE: The use of lower power (Gauss fields of less than 100)

may cause the Lyme infection to worsen in the long run,

as is the case with antibiotics. Only the weaker bugs

are killed, leaving the stronger ones to come back with

great vengeance at a later date.

A person going through this treatment finds out how many areas of his

body are infected. Usually, that means the entire body. One often finds

out from the Jarish-Herxheimer reactions that the infection was far worse

than expected.

I believe that if a person is on antibiotics when doing these

treatments, he will not progress as fast. Antibiotics seem to make the

bugs hide or mutate into a form that does not respond to electronic


List Of Components

The Lyme machine is constructed mostly from off-the-shelf components:

1. Function Generator - B.K. Precision Model 3011B

2. Audio Amplifier - QSC Model MX2000 (not MX-2000a) or Crown MA2400

3. Coil - 8.5 millihenries. (See Building the Coil).

4. Resistor - Industrial 3.5 ohms, 1000 Watt, #PFE5K3R50 (edge wound)

by Ohmite.

5. Capacitors, oil filled (2 each) 4 microfarad @ 1000 VAC (660 VAC if

can't find 1000 VAC). #27L6012GE by General Electric..

6. Capacitor, oil filled (1 each) 5 microfarad @ 1000 VAC (660 VAC if

can't find 1000 VAC). #2LL6013GE by General Electric.

7. Amp meter - AC - Simpson 17671 (25 amp) or 17672 (30 amp) or Radio


clamp-on digital meter.

8. Two yellow wire nuts.

9. #12 or #14 zip cord (15 feet long) available from Radio Shack as


speaker wire.

10. ¼ female Faston connectors (20 each).

11. Resistors - 1 watt 4.7 megohms (3 each).

Parts can be obtained from Shand Electronics in Saginaw, MI,

phone 517-753-9900.

Building The "Machine"

It always helps to have an electrical engineer help with this part,

but many people have managed to do it on their own.

The amplifier should be run in the bridged mode. The instruction

manual will tell how to set up the amplifier to operate this way. The

function generator should be direct wired to

the amplifier. To do this wire between the generator output on the

lower right corner of its face plate and Channel One on the back of

the amplifier using the cable that comes with the generator and a ¼

jack (sold by Radio Shack.) The coil resistor and capacitor are all

wired in series, with #14 or #12 wire, and each end is hooked to a red

terminal on the back of the amplifier. (See schematic.)

[schematic will be made available at a later date]

The capacitors will have to be switched in and out according to the

frequency being run. This can be accomplished by switching the Faston

connectors on the top of capacitors. The 4.7 megohm ½ W resistors

should have a ¼" Faston crimped to each end and be permanently

installed across each capacitor.

Building The Coil

The coil is wound on a plastic distributor spool which (with luck)

can be obtained from a local electric motor rebuilder or transformer

manufacturing business. They buy wire on these spools. They may also

supply you with the #12 solid wire on these spools.

[coil diagram will be made available at a later date]

Drill two 3/16" holes in the side of the spool before winding, one hole

© at the base of the inside diameter and the other (D) at the outside

diameter. Start winding by sticking from the inside of the spool out 6"

of wire.

[spool diagram will be made available at a later date]

The spool should be wound with solid #12 magnet wire until it measures

8.5 millihenries inductance (Measure with LCR meter BK Precision model

#875A). The completed coil should weigh about 8 pounds and have about

550 turns on it.

Start by inserting 6 inches of the #12 solid magnet wire through hole

©. Care should be taken to level wind the spool if possible. The outer end of the wire should

stick through

hole (D) and be cut to about 6" length. Scrape the coating off these two leads with pocket knife.

Connect the zip cord to these leads with the yellow wire nuts. The other end of the zip

cord goes to the capacitor and to the resistor. To prevent shock, wrap the outside of the spool

(including wire nuts) with several layers of electrical tape. Care must be taken to ensure that all wire

joints are well connected and insulated, because voltages across the coil and capacitor may be as much as 650 volts.

How To Run The Machine

The four frequencies used will each require its own capacitor setup.

For example, when running 864 Hz., the circuit will require the capacitor to be four microfarad, 690 Hz, five microfarad, 610 Hz 8 microfarad, and 484 Hz. 13 microfarad capacitor. To make 8 and 13 microfarad capacitor one must use more than one Capacitor see chart below.

[chart will be made available at a later date]

Once the capacitor is connected for the frequency, the Machine is ready

To use.


Make sure that all gains are turned down when turning the machine on

or off (amplitude on the function generator and the two gain knobs on

the amplifier.) The function generator should have the 1K button pushed

in, adjust the coarse and fine frequency knobs to set the desired

frequency. Press the SINE wave function button (The one with the S on

its side). Turn the Cal. knob to Cal. (Full counter clockwise). Set the

offset and TTL in the center (turn the amplifier to minimum). Be sure the

amplifier is off when switching capacitor leads. Place the flat face of the

coil against the belly and turn up the two amplifier gains to full.

Then turn the amplitude knob on the function generator until the ammeter reads 12 amps. Run for 30 seconds then turn the gain and amplitude knobs down and repeat with the other three frequencies. The Next treatment should be in two weeks for one minute each at the belly. Be sure to let the machine cool down between frequencies by leaving the fan running at zero amps on the ammeter. The third treatment, depending on the Jarish-Herxheimer, should be three or four weeks after this second treatment. The next 12 of the treatments should be on a three to four week basis.

Remember to use the sine wave only on the function generator. You will

seem to go backwards through the sickness-old problems you have not had

for years will reappear fast, then go away slowly. Look for changes in

your symptoms. This is a good sign. Keep log with frequencies, dates and body parts

treated and try to correlate the treatment frequencies with the type of Jarish-Herxheimer reaction. Stick to the frequencies that cause Jarish-Herxheimer reactions. If you are pregnant, DO NOT use the machine. If you notice the capacitors getting warm or hot, don't use them. They may blow up. Don't touch any bare electrical parts while the machine is running. Do not run your machine over 15 amps. Remember in the long run, you have to treat every square inch of your body front

and back, for two minutes minimum per treatment. If you miss one

bug he might come back in ten years.


My daughter decided to go to college in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in part because she had been raised in the Northwest and wanted to experience living in a sunnier climate. She made many friends from all over the country at her small liberal arts college, and for Easter weekend of her freshman year (1998), she accompanied a friend and his family on a camping trip to the Tyler, Texas area. She felt as if she had the flu a couple of weeks later, but the school nurse told her a lot of students had a respiratory flu. She came home to the Seattle area for the summer in late May and began working her summer job, but suddenly in mid-June she felt nauseated one day at work and very weak. By the next day an excruciating pain and pressure began to occur at what she called the base of her skull, and nothing we gave her or did seemed to alleviate it. After visits to two family practice doctors, a chiropractor, a neurologist, an infectious disease doctor and two trips to the emergency room when the pain was unbearable, no one could diagnose the problem. She had CAT scans, an MRI and finally a lumbar puncture and at one point was given a steroid, but nothing definitive was evident, but at least we were ruling out such things as cancer, MS, a brain tumor and meningitis.

After nearly 2 months of being sick, she began to improve and begged to return to school, where she felt OK but never 100% and caught colds all the time. By late February of her sophomore year, all of her symptoms suddenly returned with a vengeance, and we spent the next month going to doctors and having tests in Santa Fe this time. We were very fortunate to find an infectious disease doctor there who listened carefully to all of my daughter’s 15 or so symptoms (see addendum) and then told us she suspected Lyme disease but would run a myriad of tests before making her diagnosis. She sent her blood work to Igenex Lab in California but also sent blood and other body fluids to various parts of the country. In the meantime, she gave me a book for us to read about Lyme disease, which convinced my daughter that it was necessary to move home if she were facing the fight against Lyme. Once the results came back from Igenex, her doctor told us it did look as if she had Lyme disease because she had five significant bands that were positive. She began to treat my daughter with oral antibiotics including doxycycline since she had a national practice and could prescribe medications out of state, but eventually we had to find a local infectious disease doctor when it became time to put her on IV antibiotics.

My daughter’s symptoms improved dramatically during the first few weeks she was on Ceftriaxone, so her doctor took her off the (central line) IV at 7 weeks. Unfortunately, a few weeks later she begged to go back on the IV because she felt so sick again, so the second time she was on the same medication for 14 weeks, and her symptoms again improved, but she knew she didn’t feel great and still had random pains and a lot of fatigue. Just about the time she was due to come off the IV, we heard from two different friends about a man named Pete who lived near us and had cured himself and his family of Lyme. Deciding we had nothing to lose, we met with Pete and were amazed if not a bit skeptical at his story because we had never heard anything about using electromagnetic fields in medicine. Pete let us use his machine a few times to see if my daughter experienced any reactions to it, and she immediately felt a "starburst sensation" in her midriff and during a later treatment in her left arm (her entire left side had been weakened from the Lyme disease), and she would feel very sick for a few days after a treatment but then would feel much better.

With Pete’s generous help and encouragement, I found the components necessary to build our own machine as well as two more for a Lyme victim in Arizona who wanted one for herself and one for some sufferers in Ohio. My daughter continued to use Pete’s machine every two weeks for the next few months but only worked with a few frequencies that seemed to be the most beneficial for her (1633 was the best). She also met with a naturopathic doctor that helped her build up her immune system and used his Vega machine a few times, which always made her feel very good afterwards for a few days. Gradually she has gotten stronger and has only had a few times the past two years when she feels as if some of the Lyme symptoms are returning, usually just a few pains in her arms or legs. We have used our "Pete" machine when that occurs and will keep it forever "just in case."

My daughter got married and had a normal pregnancy the past year and now has a healthy baby boy. So far her Lyme has not reared its ugly head, so we are hopeful that Pete’s machine worked its magic and was successful in ridding her body of most of the bacteria. We have learned enough about Lyme, however, to realize that it could flare up many years from now. We will never know for sure what helped my daughter the most, but we like to think the antibiotics killed most of the bacteria and that the "Pete" machine found the ones that were hiding.

~ Chris


I found a list of the symptoms that my daughter and I wrote down for her doctor in Santa Fe before we had ever even heard anything about Lyme. It is interesting to see how many of them are typical of Lyme disease.

1. Head pain/pressure at base of skull (not always constant)

2. Stiffness in neck.

3. Surreal feeling (comes in waves and goes into a zone-like state and head feels extremely heavy — almost unable to hold it up).

4. Muscle fatigue in arms/shoulders.

5. Grainy vision with some areas of vision seeming lighter or more vivid than others

6. Waves of feeling the need to shake or shudder all over body

7. Hot flashes

8. Acne (not normal skin for patien)

9. Sharp pains randomly throughout body, in hands and arms

10. Itching all over at times (feels like bugs crawling all over)

11. Anger outbursts

12. Nausea

13. "Blub-blub" feeling in midriff (turned out to be spleen)

As she got worse, she developed weakness on her entire left side and had several instances of very sharp pains in her heart that lasted up to 10 minutes at a time.

KIRA (email)

Kira became an "antibiotic failure" when, after switching from drug to drug, she wasn’t finding lasting relief. She even tried IV antibiotics, which greatly helped her, but she didn’t feel like she was winning the fight. After researching the frequency approach she decided on the solid-state.

Hi everyone I am having a lot of great success with Rife therapy and wanted to share my story thus far...

I have been keeping kind of a log of my whole Rife experience(session by session) so people can see all the ups and downs, the fears and doubts I have had along the way as to whether it was working or well as my story in general and what led me to Rife etc.

So warning, this is may want to print it out for future reference in case you start to Rife!! (Hope it is readable since this is my first time doing a cut and paste here on Lymenet!!)

If you want the summary...I was turning into an abx failure, and fearful I was going to lose my battle against Lyme...then I started Rife(been about 8 weeks now)...I have been off IV successfully for the first time now, off Flagyl, and as of tomorrow I feel I have enough confidence to go off my last oral...and just rely on Rife...feels like a dream to me, but I am doing so well!! So here’s my story thus far!


April 2000

-Unknowingly, I get infected (never saw a tick on me, but my new puppy came out of prairie grasses at our local nature walk, covered in them…she was treated for lyme "just in case" by vet)…I was completely unaware that I could get lyme disease or that the flu and strep throat like illness I got one week after, was actually Lyme. I never got a rash.

-Then there are varied sudden health concerns popping up over the next few months for me…with knees (actually needed physical therapy), chest pains (had stress test done, and ultra sound of heart etc)…I was just in my early 30’s…but I had no clue what was going on…never connected the dots till much later.

November 2000

-true illness begins…can’t seem to recover from flu and sinusitis like symptoms…head pressure becomes unbearable, I wake up every morning feeling like someone has drugged me during the night.

December 2000

-Symptoms suddenly become serious (seizures, meningitis, intense head pressure (I am convinced I have a brain tumor or something)…muscle weakness, vision and hearing probs …well the list goes on)…PCP sends me off to neurologist ASAP

Jump ahead to April 2002

I have by now seen countless doctors and specialists trying to figure out what is wrong with me. Had countless expensive tests…nothing ever showed up, no one could figure out what was wrong with me (We won’t even mention the 2 doctors early on that suspected Lyme disease but ignored their suspicions since I tested negative…Ugh)

I am soooo sick and dysfunctional by now, I end up on medical leave, I am unable to function at work…feels like my life is over.

May 2002

-See Dr who unknowingly happens to be an LLMD…get diagnosed with Lyme Disease (after nearly 2 years of searching and steady decline in health).

-Start aggressive abx treatment with success…I become stabilized.

September 2002 (to February 2003)

I am now functional enough to return back to work…still a major struggle, but I get to keep my job, my condo, my independence…But my IV meds keep quickly dying out on me, I keep relapsing every couple months…have to constantly change meds…I almost lose my job again with a major relapse…Now IV med choices are becoming very difficult to work around…I must infuse 4x a day…which is 2x while at work…Work is making accommodations (by law), but it is a definite hardship on them and me to work like this…

Mid Feb 2003

-Relapse again!! (5th time in less than 9months) IV med stopped working…again. (I can’t take this!)

-Try new med…relapse symptoms improve, but med makes me quite ill now(non-herx related)

-Then Picc line breaks, gets pulled…could have new one put in, but IV options are so limited by now and make me almost as sick as untreated lyme…and on top of all that, the next med would require infusions 4x a day again…but not just 20-30 minutes long…they would be 1 hr infusions…how can I keep working like this???

I START EXPERIMENTING WITH RIFE (A Plasma type machine, I believe)

At this point I am prematurely off IV, trying to maintain on orals but relapsing badly and quickly…it is a major struggle to keep working (it’s looking like I will soon be on an unpaid medical leave again, or lose my job)…I feel like I am almost back to square one despite 9+ months of IV and aggressive abx treatments. I am feeling very hopeless, like I will never win this battle against Lyme Disease…and I am very scared about what my future will hold at this point…I am starting to make arrangements to sell my condo, give up my independence and move in with younger sister or parents at age 36….but I want to try one more thing that I have been researching and hearing wonderful things about…Rife Therapy. I discuss it with LLMD who is supportive of me going this route…I found a machine I could test out and see what it is like…

Feb 20, 2003

Plasma session 1- (2 minutes)

So I try Rife first time. Did maybe 4-5 frequencies for 2 minutes total time…didn’t notice anything during, but became VERY fatigued after…then later in week noticed a new energy level I haven’t had in a long time. Was told to wait a week to 10 days before coming back to Rife again…Reluctantly, I agree, since I am declining over here rapidly.

March 2003

Plasma session 2 –(2 minutes)

Minimal fatigue noticed…nothing like after the first time…I wonder if maybe this machine just isn’t very strong, or maybe I am not hitting the "right" frequencies, or maybe I need to be doing the sessions for more than the 2 minutes?...yet I am still noticing more energy thru the week . I also start experiencing diarrhea (a common side effect or detox reaction Rifer’s get in the beginning, from what I understand)… but I also begin noticing my relapse symptoms have stopped progressing…I have stopped getting worse day by day! Something is working….

Plasma session 3 (2 minutes)

No fatigue noticed after session…diarrhea still a prob (bad enough I need electolyte formula from LLMD to rebalance my system)…but I also still seem to be maintaining now since off IV…maybe even noticing subtle improvements somewhat now…Could it be? Wow!

Plasma session 4 (2 minutes)

Stopped 800/802 frequency…diarrhea resolves when taking those frequencies out… Still no fatigue after…seems nothing is happening during or after my Rife sessions…there are no further improvements either (I worry if Rife is still working)…but I am still maintaining how far I have come…I am better than I was when first taken off IV. I am off IV now ~5weeks…and I know I should be totally bedridden by now, but I am functioning and working…doing pretty darn well, considering. I am convinced Rife is doing something…and order my own machine…after much research I decided on a solid state frequency machine.


At this point I am off IV for 5 ½ weeks, still on oral Biaxin and Flagyl (but experiencing no herxing from meds)…most symptoms at this point are limited to the head area…all neuro related…only IV ever helped these symptoms for me thus far…yet progress with IV never lasted since they kept giving out due to my "rapid adapting keets"!!

3/25/ 2003

Session 1:

Machine (without amp) (total time 10 minutes/10 frequencies at one minute each)

Started experimenting with my own frequency choices. Was recommended to pick 10 frequencies, ran each one individually to see if I notice a "hit".

DURING: Didn’t seem to notice anything (same with Plasma machine…never noticed anything during) There were some very slight subtle "toe twitches" that I noticed with the machine…but I questioned if I even felt them they were so subtle…but looking back now…was probably a "hit" of some sort

AFTER: got extremely fatigued once again, a bad headache…after 2 hr nap, I felt better though…noticed an energy boost for about 3 hrs then…noticed some sharp chest pains on and off for about 20 minutes which kind of scared me…but then that was gone…then fatigued again…Not my typical herx symptoms that I would get from abx herxes…but none the less, mild as it all is, something is happening…Rife is doing something…and I am responding.

DAYS AFTER: I waited to see what would happen later…any delayed "herx"? But no, just felt fine…was doing actually better and better at work…less of a struggle to get through my day.



Session 2:

Machine without amp (total time 40 minutes doing a sweep of some new frequencies)

I am still experimenting…learning the machine.

DURING: didn’t notice anything…not even initial subtle twinges like last time…I am disappointed that even with Rifing a much longer time, I still don’t notice a "hit" like others do

AFTER: maybe some mild nausea was noticed…but in my mind…could be normal lyme doing this to me??? Decide to Rife more frequently than weekly.


Session 3:

Machine without amp (total time 55minutes on Auto/multiple high frequencies in square)

PROGRAMS: Lyme primary, secondary, tertiary)

DURING: felt nothing

AFTER: feel fine…noticed nothing…no fatigue even. I am getting lots of doubts, really worried if Rife is working on me…but then I remind myself…I am still feeling better…I am now off IV 6 weeks…and doing equally as well as I was when I had an effective IV med…so it must be working, even though I am not "herxing"

Note: Rife’d again next day too…just a few experimental frequencies, but not a full session


Session 4:

Machine without amp (total time 1hr15 minutes…on Auto/Multiple low frequencies)

NOTES: Decided to experiment some more…had this itchy spot on left ball of foot for 2 months now (driving me nuts)…wasn’t dryness, wasn’t athlete’s foot, tried various crèmes and remedies…only an abx ointment for cuts and scrapes gave me relief because it had an anesthetic in it for pain relief…and it numbed the area…so I figured it must be neuro and lyme related somehow. Looked up frequencies for itchiness…and it suggested if no relief, try parasite frequencies…so I did.

PROGRAMS run: #1442, 1865, 1599, 1600

DURING: Nothing noticed till #1599 and 1600. Got some really strong "pins and needles" sensations throughout my body on one, and strong muscle twinges on my left ankle with the other

AFTER: noticed nothing…(foot still itches) but still feeling better and better overall.


Session 5:

Machine without amp (total time ~1hr…Auto/multiple low frequencies)

More experimenting with different programs…now that I know what a "hit" feels like, I want to see if there is anything else I will feel it on.

PROGRAMS Run: #1673 (for Pruritus/itching), #1672 (Protozoa), #1126 (bartonella), and repeat #1599 (parasites, primary)

DURING: Protozoa= head crunch feelings left side of brain

Bartonella= mild vibration/tingle feeling on bottoms of feet

Parasites= nothing noticed this time…but this was the last time I felt that itchy spot on my

foot…it’s finally gone and hasn’t returned!



At this point, I was overall doing pretty well…very impressed I was doing as well as I was off IV (7weeks now) but I had been noticing specifically my head symptoms getting progressively worse and bothersome, some symptoms were causing me probs at work again (ie memory, trouble with numbers, sequences, trouble multi tasking, dizziness, trouble waking up in time to get to work)…and that along with my lack of any major "hits" being noticed on a regular basis…and my lack of herxing action (or mild at best)… is what prompted me to believe I was ready for the added power of the amplifier…I needed some serious head action to happen or I was going to decline.


Session 1:

Machine with amplifier (total time 2hrs Auto/multiple…low frequency)

Machine PROGRAMS Run: Lyme 1, 2, 3, +"hatchlings" (#’’s 1476, 1477, 1478, 1479)

Parasites 1 and 2 (#’s 1599 and 1600)

DURING: -with lyme, felt a few twinges, pulsing sensations in my head(right side) too!!

-with "parasite", maybe some very subtle mild twinges? No pins and needles like first time

AFTER: Very fatigued, increase in head pressure, slept 2 hrs, woke feeling better but kind of achy

and became very anxious, had trouble getting a full breath of air in (air hunger)

During the night though, I woke from intense head pressure…had to keep head upright all night, felt a draining sensation all night, finally fell asleep for 1 hr, but then had to get up and felt "drugged", brain fog, dizzy…

NEXT DAY: struggled through work, very fatigued, head cleared a bit, but still extra dizzy and I

became extremely nauseas…

NEXT DAY: All symptoms still there but reducing…still very fatigued during the day but anxiety

increasing and energy level increasing dramatically by evening…then insomnia….did not

sleep all night

NEXT DAY: Feeling much better…and surprisingly not tired after no sleep last night…feeling "high as

a kite", a bit jittery, can’t get a full breath in, energy feels good to have for once (during the

day) but can’t shut it off at night…another night of no sleep…but not tired one bit.

NEXT DAY: still up, still "high as a kite"…3rd nite no sleep…not tired at all.

NEXT WEEK: feeling really good, all herx symptoms gone, but the anxiety and insomnia are a big

prob. LLMD gives me some calming and sleep aid supplements…this is helping…I can

sleep, but the anxiety is still quite bothersome.


My email to Bryan (Skyking) after adding the amp!!

Hi Bryan,

How are you? I am miserable!! Yippee!! (I know, people think I am crazy when I start celebrating that I feel miserable…) But adding the amplifier in, made a HUGE difference!! I Rifed this Friday afternoon and I am still trying to recover over here as of Sunday night…

I ran all three lyme programs and the 2 main Parasite programs. Ok, I felt daring and probably shouldn’t have run both. While running them, I didn’t notice any "hits" per se. Maybe some very subtle pulsating sensations here and there (in my head) which I was happy about, and made me feel like maybe now it was getting to my head finally!!…but again, nothing major by any means. I waited a little bit and didn’t seem I was being hit by anything major soon after or anything either…so I took the plunge and right away ran the parasite programs that initially gave me those strong pins and needles sensation…to see if I would get them now again with the added power…but I didn’t. I was initially kind of disappointed. The only thing I could say I noticed were maybe some (again) very subtle tingles/vibrations here and there…but only in my hands and feet where they were in contact with the conductors…so I figured it was related to that or something…nothing much.

A short while after the two programs….I began noticing a minor increase in head pressure sensation which I haven’t had during the day in a long time…just mornings upon waking. I could say I felt "lazy-like", not exceptionally tired…but enough to want to just vege in front of the tv or something….but unknowingly, I fell asleep solid for 3 hrs in the middle of the day…so guess I was more tired from the Rife session than I realized. When I woke up, I was quite stiff and achy feeling, but head pressure felt better…so I thought that was the end of my "herx"…just a little achiness to contend with. Shortly after waking though, I started getting this feeling of anxiety…and like I couldn’t get enough air in. (Did you ever get that feeling? Gosh, I hate that feeling!) It’s still with me now, although much reduced…

Well, all in all, I was convinced something happened…but overall still pretty mild, and livable. I got my energy back and ended up staying up till midnight getting some stuff done…working off the anxiety feeling perhaps.

Went to bed quite tired though, but then woke 3 hrs later from intense head pressure. I was sooo tired, but could not sleep due to the intense head pressure…and lying down only made it worse. I tried all sorts of upright positions trying to be able to sleep…but it was useless…I was just in misery. Finally around 7am or so I must have finally been able to doze off (still upright)…but 8am the alarm goes off and it’s time to get up for work. Ugh! My head was still in such a brain fog…I was dizzy, not doing well…in total slow motion, I was.

Usually I get better once I am up and about for the day awhile…and a few hrs later my head did begin to clear a bit….but I traded one misery for another…became very nauseas at work…I haven’t been able to eat, drink, or take my supplements till about an hour ago. Have to force myself though, because I still feel turned off by food and drink, even water. (I have had this before during a herx…kind of a neuro anorexia) On top of all this, I had such low energy…it was a real struggle to keep my eyes open and get through the day at work yesterday. I was so grateful I had the next day off. Went to bed around 8pm and didn’t get up til 9am (well actually 10am due to the time change) I probably would have slept longer had my sister not waken me up with a phone call.

This morning the head pressure was at least much better (not gone, but reduced)…I was able to get a good night sleep last night. I felt ok enough to meet my brother in-law, sister and nephews at a video arcade…and then lunch with them…but that TOTALLY wiped me out. It hit me so suddenly too, this intense fatigue…could barely drive myself home. Feel like a heavy wet noodle…so weak. I have now been in bed from 1-8pm…and I am ready for bed again. Gosh, I sure hope I feel more energetic tomorrow…got a long shift tomorrow!!

So even though I am moaning and groaning over here…I guess I am celebrating that the Rife certainly must have hit something and I am herxing…yeah!! I have been Rifing practically every day now for awhile (pre amplifier)…but have taken a few days off to recover after this last session. Kind of makes me nervous to skip some days…what if I am missing some active keets…now is the time get them, but I don’t think I could function if I do more right now.

Well, just wanted to share the good news of my misery since adding the amplifier in . Definitely made a BIG difference!! I plan on being one of your success stories to add to your book one day!!

All my best,




NOTES: At this point I am off Flagyl now for 1 week and the only abx I am on is Biaxin

I waited 10 days between sessions after my last herx. Per Skyking’s suggestion, I should let all herx symptoms clear, then wait an additional 3 days or so…and then Rife again. Most my herx symptoms were actually gone after 2-3 days, but I was hesitant to even Rife now after 10 days because I am still having anxiety and insomnia issues…(but I guess with the supplements given to me by my LLMD to ease these symptoms, I seem to be ok)…At this point, I was also getting worried because it seemed my lyme symptoms have been waking up, getting active the past couple days… Skyking said this is the trigger to know it’s time to Rife again…so today was the day, and I rifed again.

Machine PROGRAMS Run: Ran the exact same programs as last time…the only difference this time, was that I was no longer on Flagyl.

DURING: Felt some very mild occasional "twinges", tingles, twitches…got sleepy during, but no nap needed after

LATER: maybe noticed some mild increase in head pressure…but barely noticeable

NEXT MORNING: woke with slight conjunctivitis feeling in eyes, some nasal inflammation feeling, very slight increase in head pressure…but woke with energy (not anxiety)…and no brain fog even. It was actually a good morning for me! (can’t remember being able to "just wake up" like a "normal" person!!. No achiness or even hand stiffness like I usually have. Feeling pretty darn good over here. Any herx I got was once again very mild…nothing compared to the first time with the amplifier, which I have to say initially disappointed me….but then I reminded myself how well I am feeling!!

NOTES: So I am not really sure what to make of this reduced level of herxing though compared to last time.

-Did I herx less because I was off Flagyl, so there were less keets out in the open to get hit by the Rife this time (since Rife can’t get them in cyst form…and I believe I do have a high cyst count….??)

-Or, did I have such an intense herx last time because I was off IV for 7 weeks and had lots of keets activating during that time frame till the amplifier reached them in my head for the first time…but now this time there weren’t as many keets around anymore to be killed this round??? (7weeks worth of keets vs one weeks worth??) Hmmm…

Well, I need some answers for my own peace of mind…so I am going to do an experiment and go back on Flagyl one more time…I will give it a few days to build up in my system again and do it’s stuff…and then Rife again…see if I get a bigger herx once again like the first time…or if it ends up staying mild again, If there is no difference, then I will feel more confident going off orals once and for all. I was initially very reassured by getting the big herx that "things" were really working, but even if I don’t continue to get the big herxes…I am still definitely getting better…so I am confident I am still on the right track over here!

DAY AFTER SESSION 2 with AMP: Had a really good day…only anxiety really bothering me, but luckily there was no dramatic increase of the anxiety like I feared might happen if I rifed while still having this symptom…my supplements that LLMD gave me can still manage it.

DAY 2 AFTER: Doing really well, feel really well, …just anxiety is still quite bothersome…seems to always increase at night too when it’s time to "quiet" down.

*** Today I celebrated my confidence in Rife and put all my IV supplies away in the garage that have been taking up my dining room!

DAY 3 AFTER: Still doing overall well, but noticed those tell tale lyme symptoms returning…my signal to Rife again…so tomorrow will be the day.




SESSION 2: Machine with AMP (experimenting back on Flagyl…)

CURRENT STATUS: Herx symptoms from last session were so mild I felt I could have done Rife right away, but I waited 4 days to do my "experiment" . I wanted to build up the Flagyl (1500mg/day) in my system before rifing…to see if this effects my "herx" level…or if the Flagyl has no added benefit to the Rife experience.

I have been able to sleep without sleep aid since early April but was able to cut dosage in half as of last nite, and anxiety seems to have suddenly vanished as of yesterday as well…actually felt a bit tired instead of "wired" like I have been since the beginning of April! But yesterday and today, head pressure has been increasing and had a bothersome headache too that OTC pills can’t touch…(lyme symptoms resurfacing=time to rife!!)

Machine PROGRAMS RAN: Still ran exact same programs as last time and the time before (when I got the major herx)…but I am back on Flagyl like the first time now when I got BIG herx!

DURING: noticed absolutely nothing

AFTER: Rifed in early afternoon…and fatigue kind of snuck up on me during the day…not enough to nap…but after feeling so wired all these weeks…now I felt I suddenly went the opposite direction to a fatigued feeling….also noticed my eyes had a strong burning sensation

NEXT DAY: Woke mostly ok…but eyes were very dry, gritty, almost sealed shut…and what energy I woke up with lasted me maybe 2 hrs to join my nephews on their easter egg hunt…and then I slept all afternoon after that…quite fatigued, groggy feeling…Also got extremely dixxy/disoriented when tried to go on a swing at park…feet flat on the ground I was ok…but could not be on the swing without whole world swimming!! Later in day head is acting up again…so now I am confused…is this a delayed "herx" reaction with my head acting up…or is this my lyme symptoms resurfacing already?? Overall, still mild though.

NOTES: So based on my experiment, it really looks like Flagyl did not increase my herx…so I am now feeling confident to go off Flagyl for good now!! I was off Flagyl and with Rife I was still feeling good…so why stay on it if it’s not adding to my herxing??…I have currently still been on Biaxin as well (though I know this is not crossing my blood brain barrier at all)…Sooooo, I think I am going to take the plunge…as of Easter Sunday…I am going off ALL antibiotics…and relying on Rife! I think I can do it. A little scared, but I want to see if I can do it and not back slide.

So that is my story thus far...I am just so excited by how well I am doing, that I am able to get off meds I wanted to spread the news of how I am getting to this point!

I will keep you posted how my story progresses once I am totally off all abx (as of tomorrow)...wish me luck!

All my best everyone!



4/20 Update

Hey Bryan,

How are you these days? I tried posting this directly on the Lyme/Rife Group...but when I tried it said my email was "currently bouncing" and it said I can not post at this time. Ever hear of a message like that???

Anyhow, thought I would pass it on to you and maybe you can post it still from your end? I did post my Lyme and Rife log on Lymenet like you suggested and have had some great responses from it...again the email overload...but it’s great!!

Well the big highlights from my most recent 2 sessions...Is that my experiment showed Flagyl does NOT give the BIG herx effect I thought it I am once and for all OFF FLAGYL!! Yippee!! And I decided to just go OFF ALL my abx now!! I have been abx free now for 2 full days. Feeling a little nervous about it...but I think it was the right move!

Now on a side note (even before stopping my abx) I have been getting a little more head action than I would like as of late and it’s been progressing...I am trying hard not to freak out, but I I am hoping for your feed back and/or reassurances... I just can’t work it out in my head if what I am experiencing is a delayed herx and I should hold off Rifing till it clears...or if this is active lyme and I should Rife more now/ASAP!! Can I be herxing AND have active lyme needing to be zapped all at the same time...becasue that is what feels like may be going on...I am SO confused with what to do right now!!

Anyhow, here are my log updates:


SESSION 3: Machine with AMP (experimenting back on Flagyl…)

CURRENT STATUS: Herx symptoms from last session were so mild I felt I could have done Rife right away, but I waited 4 days to do my "experiment" . I wanted to build up the Flagyl (1500mg/day) in my system before rifing…to see if this effects my "herx" level…or if the Flagyl has no added benefit to the Rife experience.

I have been unable to sleep without sleep aid since early April but was able to cut dosage in half as of last nite, and anxiety seems to have suddenly vanished as of yesterday as well…actually felt a bit tired instead of "wired" like I have been since the beginning of April! But yesterday and today, head pressure has been increasing and had a bothersome headache too that OTC pills can’t touch…(lyme symptoms resurfacing=time to rife!!)

PROGRAMS RAN: Still ran exact same programs as last time and the time before (when I got the major herx)…but I am back on Flagyl like the first time now when I got "the BIG herx"!

DURING: noticed absolutely nothing

AFTER: Rifed in early afternoon…and fatigue kind of snuck up on me during the day…not enough to nap…but after feeling so wired all these weeks…now I felt I suddenly went the opposite direction to a fatigued feeling….also noticed my eyes had a strong burning sensation

NEXT DAY: Woke mostly ok…but eyes were very dry, gritty, almost sealed shut…and what energy I woke up with lasted me maybe 2 hrs to join my nephews on their easter egg hunt…and then I slept all afternoon after that…quite fatigued, groggy feeling…Also got extremely dizzy/disoriented when tried to go on a swing at park…feet flat on the ground I was ok…but could not be on the swing without whole world swimming!!

LATER NEXT DAY: After having a fairly "good head day", now my head is acting up again…so now I am confused…is this a delayed "herx" reaction with my head acting up…or is this my lyme symptoms resurfacing already?? Overall, still mild though…so I am just nervously sitting with it for now.

NOTES: So based on my experiment, it really looks like Flagyl did not increase my herx…so I am now feeling confident to go off Flagyl for good now!! I was off Flagyl and with Rife I was still feeling good…so why stay on it if it’s not adding to my herxing??…I have currently still been on Biaxin as well (though I know this is not crossing my blood brain barrier at all)…Sooooo, I think I am going to take the plunge…as of Easter Sunday…

I am going off ALL antibiotics…and relying on Rife! I think I can do it. A little scared, but I want to see if I can do it and not back slide.

4/20/03 (EASTER)

SESSION 4: MACHINE With AMP (off Flagyl for good…and first full day off ALL antibiotics!!)

CURRENT STATUS: The fatigue I have from my last Rife session, is in no way incapacitating to me, but still quite present…kind of missing the "high as a kite feeling" I had those weeks before. Slept poorly and I woke feeling miserable. (bad head fullness/pressure/brain fog etc) I am getting more worried this is active lyme (maybe along with leftover herx?…probably can have both happening at the same time, right?) I am not as achy as I anticipated though since going off Biaxin, but it has increased.

Well, since I am uncertain if this is herx or active lyme related, yet hanging in there…I thought I would just play around and experiment with some non-lyme specific programs…

MACHINE PROGRAMS: Sweep from 300-400 (about 30 minutes)

DURING: noticed very very mild subtle tingles (very brief though) on 391.6 and 393.3

MACHINE PROGRAM: #177 Bartonella (program each frequency individually instead of in groups)

5minute each (total time 55minutes)

DURING: Frequency #364 noticed brief "twinge" at very end

#379 noticed brief pins/needles sensation

#645 noticed nothing

#654 noticed a questionable toe twinge 1x

#286 noticed a toe twinge again 1x (I noticed I started feeling dizzy and light headed)

#857, 967, 6878, 465, sweep 840-849 Noticed mild head sensations

MACHINE PROGRAM: #1165 for Conjunctivitis (I don’t have it, but eyes feel they reactive form of it, so I thought I would experiment with it) (total time 10 min)

DURING: noticed nothing

AFTER PROGRAMS: was feeling fatigued and lethargic, but time to go to Easter dinner…felt Ok enough to enjoy myself there, but head was still getting more and more bothersome…so is this from previous and most recent MACHINE sessions or from active lyme still gaining momentum??? By the time I came home, my head was not feeling good at all. Feeling like head needs some relief! Decide to run the standard Lyme programs once more before bed just to be sure.

MACHINE PROGRAMS: Ran typical Lyme Programs but in High/Square this time (total time 1hr)

#’s 3446, 3447, 3448, 3449

DURING: Only noticed on #3448 that my right finger and right calf got some slight "tingles"

AFTER: Headache seems relieved, I am quite sleepy, welcome bed…and sleep well.

NEXT DAY: Woke with brain fog/major head fullness/head pressure/nasal inflammation…it is worse than even yesterday morning…

NOTES: So I am really freaking out and so confused right now. Is this herx or active lyme…in the back of my mind, I am thinking I went a whole day now for the first time off ALL abx, and maybe I am paying for it now (not that the oral abx ever had any effect on my head to begin with though, so this is not logical) but… it’s in the back of my mind anyhow. Logically what does makes sense…is that this could all be herx related…I did just do Rife…And I didn’t give it many days between sessions…but the reason I didn’t give it many days between sessions is because I felt symptomatic almost right away again, but maybe those symptoms were a delayed herx???? So I have this circular thinking going on right now. When I can’t tell what is what I start freaking out!!

I am trying really hard to remind myself to look at the big picture again…I am still overall better than I was a couple months ago, and still even better than I was a few weeks ago…but my head is not feeling nearly as good as it did last week…and my wake up is getting worse again…yet I know these ups and downs are to be expected (with abx or with Rife) I just have to keep reminding myself of this. If it is active lyme, I will show a steady decline, right? …if it is a herx…it will slowly ease up…I think right now I just need someone else to assure me of all this…because I can’t help it, I am freaking out despite all my logical thinking over here!! Just don’t know do I hold off Rife or push forward????

6/22 Update

Hey there Bryan,

That was nice of you to check in on me!! I was offline a a nasty computer virus and it crashed my computer when I tried to fix it....Ugh. Not a fun experience.

But now I have been trying to catch up with everyone again. So you are now dealing with metals huh? Does NOT sound fun! Sorry I haven’t been on the Lyme and Rife group much...It kind of felt off topic for my needs there for awhile, but looks like you were trying to get it a little more focused again! Actually, I am feeling better on a more regular basis, too, I guess, so feel less inclined to just plop down in front of my computer all day...guess that’s a good sign!!

I just wrote on LymeNet how I am celebrating 4 months off IV and 2 months off ALL abx! Here’s the post if you want to read my happy update!

Basically, I’m plugging away still with Rife alone, and doing pretty well...nah, I’ll upgrade that to VERY well considering where I was just 4 months ago!!. I’m pretty much in a constant state of herxing I only Rife now once or twice a week to keep the herxing mild and very liveable...anymore than that and its too much to function well. Even if I can "handle it", it just wears me down if I Rife more often.

I was on vacation the past two weeks from work, so I initially thought I would really Rife more intensely during this time since I don’t "have to function" at work, but decided against it...I wanted to enjoy these feeling "good" days for once. I haven’t had a "vacation" that didn’t turn into a medical leave or where I wasn’t couch or bedridden in over 3 years.

So, I did a lot of stuff I didn’t even consider doing in over 3 years!! I planted flowers on my balcony, dug out my art supplies and started doing my art again, I read a non lyme or health related book...and actually comprehended it!! I have been playing and running around with my 3 nephews and actually enjoying it...not just pushing myself to do it. (and not crashing the next day for it either).

I am cooking and cleaning without much effort...I used to have to put load or unload dishwasher on my "to do" list because it was a major project for things like this just get done in a matter of seconds without me having to think about it or plan for it!!

The other day I visited the scene of the crime...the forest preserve where I got sick. I am still so tick phobic so this was a big deal to me. But I did it. (granted I left the tick home, and I didn’t touch a single blade of grass....stayed well in the center of the paved bike path to be safe...) but I did it. I actually roller-bladed there too. Can you beleive it? I had to push myself to do this...Have had doctors orders to not exercise or exert myself because that always triggered meningitis attacks in me....but I felt "ready" to risk it...and I actually did it with no consequences. I’m still in awe that I was able to roller-blade!! Granted I didn’t go all out...just kind of coasted around the trail, but I was just so proud of myself...for going to the forest preserve, and being able to do this level of activity without a major setback!! Although, it really exhausted me...napped the rest of the day away...but I figure that is to be expected after being bed/couch ridden for so long.

I’m motivated now to start rebuilding my body back up...started a gentle pilates routine...I used to be in such good’s so depressing to see how little I can do compared to before I got sick...almost makes you want to give up...but I’ve been sticking with it...and every day I can do a little that keeps me going. I’m determined to get my body and mind back to how I was before lyme...

So that’s how I am doing...people think I am strange with how excited I get at being able to do such simple every day things...but I treasure my ability to do these things!! I am so thankful I found Rife and am in constant awe with how far I have come in just 4 months! I still have my ups and downs...but my good days are getting better and better and my bad days aren’t that bad really anymore. My worse time is still mornings...especially after Rife (head swelling big time) but even after a rife session, I am still ok during the not so bad. I went into Rife, knowing it would take a good year to two years to get well, and to not expect to see much improvement until the 4-6 month mark, and I have already exceeded my expectations of what Rife can I will continue to plug along!!

Mike, a local lymie by me (Argon) I think on the Lyme and Rife Group, looks like he went and ordered the B3 now too after testing out my machine...and I’ve been talking with ArtistDi on Lymenet a lot about Rife and I think she is just about ready to start Rife...probably the B3 also....and I know Stephanie on Lymenet is also planning to start Rifing this month after she gets moved into her new home!! I have so much hope for them...and am so excited to see them get started!!

Well, I hope after all your success with Rife and ICHT, that you can get this metal problem under control so you can get over this final hump and find complete wellness very soon! I find it hard myself, still, to be patient during my bad not lose hope...but you and I are very determined way or another, we will get there!!

Well, all my best,

Thanks for keeping in touch!

My Response to that letter…


Kira, its great to hear from you. I’m so glad to hear of all your good news and the things you can now do.

Its actually a really good sign that you are still constantly herxing.

Remember though, as you get closer to wellness, it WILL BE OK to rife less, even if you have strong herxes. The body eventually learns that rifing means it needs to fight some bug......and so the body begins an inflammatory response. What this translates into is head swelling, fatigue, etc. I reckon that EVEN AFTER ALL SPIROS ARE DEAD, the body will still "herx" to the machine for a while. The body learns that B3 = inflammation, and so sometimes the B3 can cause a herx reaction even without bugs. A herx itself is not dying bugs, it is immune inflammation (a good thing) which is your body warring against the bugs.

So my point is that, its OK to rife a little less frequenly if you are feeling good. The bugs will never develop resistance to rife. But going to once a week would be OK. Of course, this advice isn’t black-and-white, and should be adjusted to your individual situation. I am so glad you are a rife success story! Everyone with true Lyme and no secondary problems would be a rife success story, because its a simple fact that rife kills lyme. situation........well, I had some residual problems that rife WASN’T taking care of. So my thoughts initially were "oh no, rife doesn’t cure Lyme!" Of course this was devastating because I had told you and so many others that it DOES cure Lyme. So my doubts began to sink in and I got scared that rife wasn’t the answer.

Enter ICHT. I said, "hey, I know that ICHT does knock the crap out of Lyme so I’ll go do that and see what happens." I figured that if I got well from ICHT, it would really mean that rife doesn’t work, and that a person needs more (ICHT). If I didn’t get well from ICHT, it would mean that I have some other problem (because ICHT and rife would have failed).

Sure enough................ICHT didn’t take care of the problems. By this time I knew it was metals. So I started chelating with Andy Cutler’s protocol, and WOW, it was amazing. I made amazing progress in just a few days. Most symptoms are gone now after only a few weeks of chelating. It will take a few months or even a year to clear all the metals though.

But the good news is that my remaining symptoms WERE NOT LYME, meaning that RIFE DOES INDEED work to cure Lyme. This is good news for you and all other new rife users...its also good news for me, because it means that me recommending rife was not a misleading thing. I simply had secondary problems that were unrelated to Lyme.

And even though I was sure I had mercury problems, I just got my hair test back, which confirms it. My doctor has only seen 2 patients in the last 10 years with higher mercury. My test result was 4.9 with a reference range of 0-1.0!!!! Meaning I am very toxic. I take this as good news because it confirms what I thought all along.

Anyway, Kira, its great to hear how well you are doing! Your story is pioneering in the rife community. Rife is so new that we need more living, breathing stories.

I hope you don’t mind me posting this and your email to the forums.

Take care!


Note: I responded to many of Kira’s questions, you can find the response in the archives of our discussion list:




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